WC.Project Builder 1.Int


Ultimate Tours has asked you to develop a Dreamweaver website for their travel company.  The site will include graphics exported from Photoshop and the Flash animations that were developed in Assignment 5.

Sample Completed Project Builder 1.Integration

  • Create a folder on your server folder and name it ULTours, then create a folder within the ULTours folder named “Assets”
  • In Dreamweaver, create a new site named “Ultimate_Tours,” using the ULTours folder as the local root folder and the Assets folder as the default images folder
  • Open ULTours_home.html and save it as ULTours_homeRev.html to the root folder for the ULTours folder
  • Start Photoshop and open ULTours-heading.psd, updating the links if prompted
  • Change the text formatting to italic and save the document with the filename ULTours-headingRev.psd
  • Display Dreamweaver and insert the ULTours-headingRev.psd image into the ULTours_homeRev.html file as a .jpg file, stored in the Assets folder with alternate text of “The Trip of a Lifetime” heading
  • Edit the heading in Photoshop from Dreamweaver and change the text to white
  • Save the image in Photoshop
  • Display Dreamweaver and update the image
  • Open ULTours-photo.psd in Photoshop and type “The Islands” as a heading above the mountain, on its own layer
  • Save the document as ULTours-photoRev.psd
  • Create a new Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) and save it as ULTours-photoAn.fla
  • Change the frame rate to 40 fps
  • Import the ULTours-photoRev.psd to the Stage with all layers being editable and the Set stage size to same size as Photoshop canvas checked
  • Rename Layer 1 “Gray Border,” then draw a gray border around the edge of the photo
    [Hint:  Increase the size of the Stage a few pixels to accommodate the border and center the border on the Stage]
  • Display the Publish Settings dialog box, deselect the HTML option, publish and save the movie, then exit Flash
  • Display Dreamweaver and insert the ULTours-photoAn.swf file to the right of the heading, saving the file to the Assets folder and providing alternate text
  • Center the heading and photo across the page
  • Play the Flash movie in Dreamweaver, then stop the movie
  • Edit the movie from Dreamweaver; if a Copy Dependent Files message box appears, click OK
  • Create an animation that zooms in the text
  • Convert the photo to a button and add ActionScript so that when the pointer rolls over the image, the movie plays
  • Insert a new layer name stopmovie, then add stop actions to the first and last frames of the movie
  • Add keyframes to the end movie for each of the other layers
  • Test the movie
  • Use the Done button to return to the Dreamweaver document
  • Play the movie in Dreamweaver, then save your work
  • Insert the ultimatetours5.swf file below the heading and provide a title
  • Save your work, view the document in a browser, then compare your image to the Sample Completed Project Builder 1.Integration above
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period