WC.Project Builder 1.A4

The Ultimate Tours travel company has asked you to design several sample animations for its website.  Using the home page you created in Assignment 3:

[Tip:  If you need to insert frames, select the frame where the inserted frame is to go and use Insert/Timeline.  To move the contents of a frame, you can select the frames you want to move, then use the Cut and Paste  commands from the Edit menu to move the contents]

Sample Completed Project Builder 1.A4 

  • Open ultimatetours3 from Assignment 3 and save it as ultimatetours4
  • Animate the heading Ultimate Tours on the home page so that it zooms out from a transparent text block
  • Have the logo appear next
  • After the heading and logo appear, make the subheading “We Specialize in Exotic Adventures” appear
  • Make each of the buttons (Treks, Tours, Cruises) scroll from the button of the Stage to its position on the Stage – stagger the buttons so they scroll onto the Stage one after the other
  • Assign a stop action after the home page appears
  • Add a new layer, name it cruises headings, then add the text blocks shown in the Sample
  • Insert keyframes in the ending frames for the Ultimate Tours title, logo, and home button so that they appear on the cruises screen
  • Import the graphic file ship.gif from the data folder to the Library panel, then rename the graphic file g_ship
    [Hint:  To import a graphic to the Library panel, click File on the menu bar, point to Import, then click Import to Library – navigate to the data folder, then select the desired file and click Open]
  • Create a motion tween animation that moves the ship across the screen, then alter the motion path to cause a dip in it, similar to the Sample
  • Orient the boat across the motion path
  • Assign a goto action to the Cruises button so it jumps to the frame that has the Cruises screen
  • Test the movie
  • Compare your movie to the Sample Completed Project Builder 1.A4 above
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period