WC.Project Builder 1.A2

A local travel company, Ultimate Tours, has asked you to design several sample home pages for its new website.  The goal of the website is to inform potential customers of its services.  The company specializes in exotic treks, tours, and cruises.  This, while its target audience spans a wide age range, they are all looking for something out of the ordinary.

Sample Completed Project Builder 1.A2

  • Open a new Flash document and save it as ultimatetours2
  • Set the document properties, including the size (your choice) and background color
  • Create the following on separate layers and name the layers
    • a text heading - select a font size and color, skew the heading, break it apart, then reshape one or more of the characters
    • a subheading with a different font size and color
    • at least three objects
  • Use one or more of the align features (gridlines, rulers, Align command on the Modify menu, arrow keys) to align the objects on the Stage
  • On another layer, add text to the objects
  • Lock all layers
  • Compare your image to the example shown above
  • Compare your movie to the Sample Completed Project Builder 1.A2 above
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period