Project Builder 1

The Ultimate Tours travel company has asked you to design several sample animations for its website.  The example shows a sample Cruises screen with a mask effect, as the spotlight rotates across the screen and highlights different ships.  Complete the following for the Cruises screen of the Ultimate Tours website:

[18 points]

Sample Solution


Lesson:  Add objects to the ultimatetours5 document

  1. Open fl5_10.fla from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save it to your server folder as FL_C5_PB1_assets_your username
  3. Open ultimatetours4.fla from your server folder (your Chapter 4 Project Builder 1 assignment)
  4. Save it to your server folder as FL_C5_PB1_ultimatetours5_your username
  5. Insert a new layer at the top of the Timeline and select frame 1 on the layer
  6. Display the Library panel, then click the list arrow below the Library tab to display the list of open  documents
  7. Select assets and drag each of the symbols in the Library panel to the Stage, delete the layer, click the assets tab, then close the assets file [Note:  This will add the objects from the assets file to the ultimatetours5 Library panel]
  8. Display the Library panel for ultimatetours5


Lesson:  Add layers and objects to the Stage

  1. Insert a new layer at the top of the Timeline, then name it background
  2. Insert a keyframe in a frame that is higher than the last frame in the current movie (such as frame 100) on the background layer, then draw a dark gray rectangle (#333333) that covers the Stage [1 pt.]
  3. Insert a keyframe that is at least 30 frames higher on the background layer (such as frame 130), then lock the layer [Note:  All of the subsequent layers will use the same frames (such as 100 to 130), so be sure to add keyframes to these frames as needed]
  4. Insert a new layer, name it heading, and create the Mystery Ships heading [1 pt.]
  5. Insert a new layer, name it lighthouse, then place the g_lighthouse symbol on the Stage [1 pt.]


Lesson:  Add a motion tween and mask effect

  1. Insert a new layer, name it searchlight, and place the g_searchlight symbol to the left of the lighthouse [1 pt.]
  2. Use the Free Transform tool to create a motion tween that causes the searchlight to rotate from the left to the right of the lighthouse [2 pts.]
    [Hint:  The searchlight will rotate (pivot) around the transformation point (small circle) of the graphic – you need to move the transformation point so it is at the narrow end of the graphic – to do this, select the graphic with the Free Transform tool to display the transformation point, then drag the point to the desired location (narrow end) on the graphic]
  3. Create a new layer for each of the three ships, name each layer appropriately (ship1, ship2, and ship3) and place them on the Stage so that the searchlight highlights them as it moves from left to right across the Stage [3 pts.]
  4. Insert a new layer above the ship layers, name it searchlight mask, and using the g_searchlight symbol, add a motion tween that duplicates the one created in step 2 [1 pt.]
  5. Create a mask effect that has a searchlight as the mask and reveals the ships when the searchlight is over them [2 pts.]
    [Note:  The two searchlight motion tweens are needed on different layers because one will become a mask and will not be visible in the movie]


Lesson:  Add a sound and interactivity

  1. Insert a new layer, name it sound, insert a keyframe in frame 100 (or the appropriate frame) on the layer, then drag the sound file to the Stage [1 pt.]
  2. Insert a new layer, name it home button, insert a keyframe in the last frame of the movie, then add the b_home button to the bottom center of the Stage [1 pt.]
  3. Add an action to the home button to have the playhead go to frame 1 of the movie when the button is clicked [1 pt.]
  4. Insert a new layer, name it stopaction, and add a stop action at the end of the movie [1 pt.]
  5. Drag (scrub) the playhead on the Timeline to locate the Galapagos text (cruise heading layer for example), unlock the cruise heading layer (or layer that has the Galapagos text)
  6. Change the Galapagos text to Mystery Ships, then create a button that changes color for the different phases [up, down, over and hit] and that jumps to frame 100 (or the appropriate frame) when the user clicks the Mystery Ships text [2 pts.]
  7. Test the movie
  8. Close the Flash Player window
  9. Save your work
  10. Publish the movie
  11. Post the movie to the Hulk server