Project Builder 2

You have been asked to demonstrate some of the animation features of Flash.  You have decided to create a movie clip that includes a frame-by-frame animation and then use the movie clip in a motion tween animation.  Jumper4 shows the stick figure that will walk across the screen and jump up at each line on the sidewalk.  The movement across the screen is a motion tween.  The jumping up is a movie clip.

[17 points]


Sample Solution


To complete this project, do the following: 

  1. Start a new Flash document, and save it as FL_C4_PB2_jumper4_your username to your server folder
  2. Add a background color, sidewalk with lines and houses as shown, adding layers as needed and naming them appropriately [3 pts.]
    [Note:  You can open a previous movie that used the stick figures, such as frameAn, then with your movie open, click the list arrow under the Library panel tab – this displays a list of all open documents – click the name of the file that has the stick figures to display its Library panel – then drag the symbols you need to the Stage of your movie – this will place the objects in the jumper4 Library panel]
  3. Create a new movie clip
    [Note:  You can create a new movie clip by selecting New Symbol from the Insert menu, then you can drag objects from the Library panel to the movie clip edit window]
  4. Edit the clip to create a frame-by-frame animation of the stick figures walking in place – in the movie clip, place the stick figures one after the other, but have one of the stick figures in the sequence placed above the others to create a jumping effect – you will use each stick figure two times in the sequence (total of 6 frames) [10 pts.]
  5. Exit the edit window and place the movie clip on the Stage, then create a motion tween that moves the movie clip from the left side to the right side of the Stage [4 pts.]
  6. Test the movie
    [Note:  Movie clips do not play from the Stage, you must use the Test Movie command]
  7. Close the Flash Player movie, then save the movie
  8. Publish the movie
  9. Post the movie to the Hulk server