Project Builder 1

The Ultimate Tours travel company has asked you to design several sample animations for its website.  Ultimate Tours shows a sample home page and the Cruises screen.  Using these as a guide, complete the following:

[TIP:  If you need to insert frames, select the frame where the inserted frame is to go and use the Timeline command from the Insert menu – to insert several frames, select a range of frames and use the Timeline command from the Insert menu – to move the contents of a frame, you can select the frames you want to move, then use the Cut and Paste commands from the Edit menu to move the contents]

[21 points]


Sample Solution


  1. Open FL_C3_PB1_ultimatetours3_your username (the file you created in Chapter 3 Project Builder 1) from your server folder
  2. Save it to your server folder as FL_C4_PB1_ultimatetours4_your username
  3. Animate the heading Ultimate Tours on the home page so that it zooms out from a transparent text block [2 pts.]
  4. Have the logo appear next [1 pt.]
  5. After the heading and logo appear, make the subheading ‘We Specialize in Exotic Adventures’ appear [1 pt.]
  6. Make each of the buttons (Treks, Tours, Cruises) scroll from the bottom of the Stage to its position on the Stage – stagger the buttons so they scroll onto the Stage one after the other [6 pts.]
  7. Assign a stop action after the home page appears [1 pt.]
  8. Add a new layer, name it cruises headings, then add the following text blocks centered on the Stage:  [2 pts.]
    Featured Cruises (bold and underlined as this is the main heading)
    Panama Canal
  9. Insert keyframes in the ending frames for the Ultimate Tours title, logo, and home button so that they appear on the cruises screen [3 pts.]
  10. Import the graphic file ship.gif from the Digital Design folder on the server to the Library panel, then rename the graphic file g_ship [1 pt.]
    [Hint:  To import a graphic to the Library panel, click File on the menu bar, point to Import, then click Import to Library – navigate to the Digital Design folder on the server, then select the desired file and click Open]
  11. Create a motion tween animation that moves the ship across the screen, then alter the motion path to cause a dip in it (as if the ship is on a wave) [2 pts.]
  12. Orient the boat to the motion path (so it follows the up and down motion of the wave) [1 pt.]
  13. Assign a goto action to the Cruises button so it jumps to the frame that has the Cruises screen [1 pt.]
  14. Test the movie
  15. Publish the movie
  16. Post the movie to the Hulk server