Portfolio Project

For this assignment, you will continue to work on the portfolio project that you have been developing since Chapter 1.  There will be no Data Files supplied.  You are building this website from chapter to chapter, so you must do each Portfolio Project assignment in each chapter to complete your website.

You will continue building your website by designing and completing a page that uses layers rather than tables to control the layout of information.

  1. Consult your storyboard to decide which page to create and develop for this chapter—draw a sketch of the page to show how you will use CSS to lay out the content
  2. Create the new page for the site using a preset HTML layout of your choice
  3. Add text, background images, and background colors to each container as needed to develop the content of the page
  4. Include a table in one of the container sections--merge at least 1 row, add text and images as needed
  5. Create the navigation links that will allow you to add this page to your site
  6. Update the other pages of your site so that each page includes a link to this new page
  7. Add images in the containers (where appropriate), making sure to align them with text so they look good
  8. Review the checklist below and make any necessary modifications
    Website Checklist:
  • Do all pages have titles?
  • Do all navigation links work correctly?
  • Are all colors in your layers web-safe?
  • Does the use of CSS in your website improve the site navigation?
  • Do your pages look acceptable in at least the two major browsers?
  • Do all images in your CSS containers appear correctly?

Save your work, preview the page in your browser, make any necessary modifications to improve the page appearance, close your browser, then close all open pages