Lesson 3

Sample Solution


In this lesson, you will review a website plan for The Striped Umbrella, a beach resort and spa.  You will also create a root folder for The Striped Umbrella website, and then define the website.

Phases of a Website Development Project

Website Planning Checklist

Setting Up the Basic Structure - Storyboard (Flowchart)


Lesson:  Select the location for your website

  1. Open or expand the Files panel if necessary to view the contents
  2. Click the drive or folder that is currently displayed in the pop-up menu in the Files panel
  3. Click to select the drive or folder or subfolder) in the list where you will store your folders and files for your websites (your server folder on drive P:) - Dreamweaver will store all of the folders and files you create inside this drive or folder

Summary:  You selected the drive or folder where you will create your web site.


Lesson:  Create a root folder

  1. Select the drive or folder in the Files panel, right-click then click New Folder
  2. Type striped_umbrella  to rename the folder, then press Enter - the folder is renamed striped_umbrella - when you see a drive or folder in the pop-up menu, you do not have a website open - notice the difference difference between a folder and a website - you have only created the root folder, not the website, if the folder is yellow - you have created the website if the folder is green and you get a pop-up when you put your mouse over it identifying it as a site

Summary:  You have created the folder that will serve as the root folder after the site is created. You created a new folder to serve as the root folder for The Striped Umbrella website.


Lesson:  Define a website

  1. Click Site on the Application bar, then click New Site
  2. Click the Advanced tab, then type The Striped Umbrella in the Site name text box - the Basic tab can be used instead of the Advanced tab if you prefer to use a wizard
    [Tip:  It is acceptable to use uppercase letters in the site name because it is not the name of a folder or a file]
  3. Click the Browse for File icon next to the Local root folder text box, click the Select list arrow in the Choose local root folder for site The Striped Umbrella dialog box, click the drive and folder on the server (P:) where your website files will be stored, then click the striped_umbrella folder
  4. Click Open, then click Select
  5. Verify that the Links relative to option button is set to Document
  6. Verify that the Enable cache check box is checked - this setting is very important to make sure your links work correctly

Summary:  You created a website and defined it with the name The Striped Umbrella.  You then verified that the correct options were selected in the Site Definition dialog box.


Lesson:  Set up web server access [we are skipping this step at this point]

  1. Click Remote Info in the Category list, click the Access pop-up menu then choose the method you will use to publish your website [FTP]
    [TIP:  If you do not have the information to publish you website, choose None - you can specify this information later]
  2. Enter any necessary information in the Site Definition dialog box based on the setting you chose in Step 1, then click OK
    [TIP:  I will give you the necessary information to publish your website later - you set up the remote access information to prepare you for publishing your website]

Summary:  You set up the remote access information to prepare you for publishing your website.