Classroom Based Assessment - Art

Earth Club Logo


The Earth Club’s mission is to encourage students to be more active in improving the environment. You are to create a logo that will visually communicate the club’s mission.

The advisor requires that you create a promotional item - a bumper sticker, a website banner, a Flash movie or a poster - with a logo in two colors that captures the club’s mission. You are also to create a revision by modifying elements of design.  Your logos and response will be presented to the club members for final approval.

The club advisor explains that you must meet the following task requirements when creating the logo for your project:

  • Include the name “Earth Club” in the design
  • Create a logo for the Earth Club—this logo may be a metaphor for a real-life object or concept, or it may be an abstract shape
  • Select the software program that works best in developing your design—you may use any of the Adobe CS6 programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash or InDesign to complete your project
  • Create a project that has balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial) in either two or three dimensions
  • Use Visual Arts Elements and Visual Arts Principles of Organization to create a logo that appears trustworthy and credible [Resource:  Glossary]
  • Include details that capture the nature of the club’s mission of improving the environment
  • Select up to two colors (plus black and white) for the project
  • Create a revision of the original by changing 3 Visual Arts Elements
  • The dimensions for the project are: 
    • Bumper Sticker - 18 inches by 4 inches
    • Website Banner - 800 x 300 pixels
    • Poster - 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches (landscape or portrait)

Part 1:  You will have 20 minutes to complete your sketches.

Part 2:  You will have 60 minutes to create both projects (original and revision). 

  • Change three Visual Arts Elements to create a second version of the design
    (must be done in the same software program)

Part 3:  You will have 40 minutes to respond about your design.

Open the following Google Reflection document to respond to the questions below about your design:
CBA.Earth Club Logo.Response

    • The club advisor explains that you must meet the following requirements when reflecting on your project design:
      • Describe the logo you created for the Earth Club
      • Explain why you selected this concept for the Earth Club logo
      • Explain three ways you used the Visual Arts Principles of Organization and Visual Arts Elements to create a logo that appears trustworthy and credible
      • Explain three ways you altered the Visual Arts Elements when creating the second version of the design

Save your projects as:

  • CBA_Earth Club Logo original (your username)
  • CBA_Earth Club Logo revision (your username)

Save both files in PDF format and post it to the Hulk server.