Career Assessments

Career Assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. Assessments of some or all of these attributes are often used by individuals or organizations, such as university career service centers, career counselors, outplacement companies, corporate human resources staff, executive coaches, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and guidance counselors to help individuals make more informed career decisions.

  • Team Style Inventory
    This short inventory is designed to give you a general sense of your dominant and preferred personality when in a team or group setting. It simply indicates a general preference and is not meant to put you in a rigid category.
  • Brain Power Inventory
    Research has indicated that most people are dominant in one brain hemisphere, left or right. Determining your dominant brain hemisphere can play a role in determining how you learn best and how you relate to others. Remember, any inventory is just a guide. People are most successful when they integrate and develop both sides of the brain. Take the following inventory to determine your primary brain dominance.
  • Stress Test
    Take this quick test to determine your level of stress.
  • Learning Style Survey
    An online questionnaire to help students determine their learning style.
  • Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
    An online questionnaire to give students feedback on their learning styles.
  • Learning Style Inventory
    As a lifelong learner, you need to discover how you learn best. There are various learning style inventories that can help you. You may want to visit the career center or learning skills center on your campus and explore various learning style inventories. The following Learning Style Inventory will help you discover your learning style.
  • Career Key
    A free online self-assessment test that identifies students' Holland personality type.
  • Motivation Inventory
    How motivated and positive are you? Assessing your attitude will help you create a plan to become more positive at school and at work.
  • Self Assessment - Exploring Majors and Careers
  • Career Planner Quiz []
    Get a snapshot of jobs that are a fit for you.  Use this insight for planning for a career or if you are considering switching jobs.
  • Choosing a Major
    Fill in a Major Exploration Plan