World History Semester 1

Course Objective: This is a semester survey course that is offered at the sophomore level. It will introduce students to major developments in the history of the world with a concentration in Western Civilization, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. This course emphasizes reading and writing activities in the following areas of history:

Global Expansion and Encounter (1450-1750)

-Study of Globalization

-Bibliographic Skills

-Historical Analysis

-Social Science Perspectives


Age of Revolutions (1750-1917)

-French Revolution

-Industrial Revolution

-Russian Revolution

-Historical Analysis

-Social Science Perspectives

-Primary Sources


International Conflicts (1870-1920)

-World Religions



World History Textbook:

Each student received access to an online textbook. They can log on to their textbook any where they have Internet access. Each student was given a login and password. Below is the website to access their online textbook.