Collection of Evidence: Writing

Why do we offer the Collection of Evidence: Writing Class?

In March 2006, the Washington State Legislature passed HB 6475, which authorized the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to implement three additional options for earning a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA).The Collection of Evidence (COE) is one of these options.

What is the Collection of Evidence?

The COE was designed to assess content and skills similar to those assessed on the WASL. Students have the opportunity to create a portfolio of work based samples that demonstrate their proficiency. The state will evaluate the portfolio and determine if the student is performing at the level required for graduation with a CAA.

My Responsibilities:

As the instructor, I will coach students on the proper techniques of expostitory and persuasive writing. Classes will be organized according to student need.The objective is to prepare the students for mastery in the specified areas. Once students reach mastery, they will create final writing samples without instructor intervention.


  • Courses are confined to the deadlines created by the state for portfolio submission. 
  • Students are expected to take the Writing WASL in March regardless of portfolio submission.