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Welcome to Drafting and Design. This course involves a careful examination of drafting as a tool of technical communication and for solving graphical problems. Attention is given to introducing both mechanical and architectural techniques. Students will become proficient with AutoCAD, an industry leading drafting software. We will be working together to build a cooperative community of mutual respect and shared purpose, while we prepare for an ever changing world of drafting and design.


Course Topics

  1. Equipment and Basic Drafting Procedures
  2. Lettering; Symbols
  3. Drafting Geometry and Single-View Drawing
  4. Orthographic Projection
  5. Dimensions
  6. Auxiliary Views
  7. Sectional Views
  8. Pictorial Drawing (isometric and perspective drawing)
  9. Threads
  10. Weldments
  11. Developments
  12. Introduction to Descriptive Geometry
  13. Introduction to Computer Drafting
  14. Architectural Working Drawings (plans, sections, and elevations)


*Course content will change and be adapted for more advanced students

Materials Required

USB flash drive (preferably 2GB or greater capacity)



Your grade will be made up of the following percentages:

                        Drawings                                 =85%

                        Midterm                                   = 5%

                        Final Exam                              =10%


All grades will be determined using the following scale:

A          93%-100%                  A-        90%-92.9%     B+       87%-89.9%

B          83%-86.9%                 B-        80%-82.9%     C+       77%-79.9%

C         73%-76.9%                 C-        70%-72.9%     D+       67%-    69.9%

D         60%-66.9%                 F          < 60%



Daily Work

A drawing will be assigned almost every class period. Each drawing will be graded unless there are major errors or omissions and it is returned for correction or completion. Drawings with minor detail or other non-conceptual errors will be graded as submitted.




You will have one midterm and one final exam that total to 15% of your grade. Tests will contain questions related to concepts we have covered in class and are intended to give the student information about what he or she has learned. The final exam will be comprehensive and given at the end of the course.


Classroom Rules

1.)  Students will act respectfully toward the teacher, self, others, and property.

2.)  Behavior that distracts from a learning environment or the learning process of any student will not be allowed.

3.)  No electronic devices or headphones in class (pagers, cell phones, video games, CD player, MP3 player, etc.)  Please turn these off and put them away before entering the classroom

4.)  No food/drink is allowed in the classroom.

5.)  You are expected to act responsibly and clean up your area before you leave class.

No one will leave class until all have cleaned and put away their tools.


All disciplinary policies will be followed from the CHS or OSD student handbook.