Film Weeks 1-6 Fall

Weekly Activities Schedule

Week 3 (Sept. 18-23)

  • Wed: Share Your Google Slides with Mr. Le Duc, Upload Slideshow to for The My Presentation Project
    • Standards: 21st Century Skills
      • Think Critically: 1.A.3 Elaborate, refine, analyze and evaluate their own ideas in order to improve and maximize creative efforts
      • Communicate Clearly: 3.A.4 Utilize multiple media and technologies, and know how to judge their effectiveness a priori as well as assess their impact
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
      • Show of hands: How many are done with the presentation - take a picture
      • Show of hands: How many have a account created - take a picture
      • Share Mayah's Presentation (
        • This is the quality we are looking for in your presentation
      • Demonstrate how to share your Google Slides with Mr. Le Duc
      • Demonstrate how to upload your slideshow to
    • WEDO
      • Bring your Google Slides presentation up on your computer screen for Mr. Le Duc to verify
      • Open up your so Mr. Le Duc can verify
      • Upload your presentation to
        • Help each other
        • Watch Mr. Le Duc's video tutorial if you need assistance
      • Help each other
    • YOUDO
      • Share your Google Slides with Mr. Le Duc,
      • Complete Step 8 - Sharing the Slide Show
      • Create an account at
  • Tues: Finish Scanning, Build the Work Cited Slide, Embed Images of Brainstorm and Storyboards from Flickr into the Blog Post for The My Presentation Project
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Help each other
    • YOUDO
      • Finish Work Cited slide (last slide in the presentation)
      • Embed your brainstorm paper from Flickr under the Step 3 - Brainwriting and Brainstorming Ideas section
      • Embed your storyboard paper(s) from Flickr under the Step 4 - Creating the Storyboard section
  • Mon: Finish Scanning, Use the Master Slide, Build the Slides, Place the Pictures for The My Presentation Project
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
      • Demonstrate how to build a slideshow quickly with the Master Slide in Google Slides
    • WEDO
      • Finish Step 5 - Gathering and Citing Creative Commons Images
        • You DO NOT need to make the citation slide right now
        • DO NOT start making the presentation. We will do this together next week
    • YOUDO
      • Build the slideshow in Google Slides or PowerPoint with the master slide first, then type the text into each slide (in outline view in PowerPoint)
      • Have presentation built by the beginning of class tomorrow (That means all slides with just words and pictures placed, too)


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Week 2 (Sept. 11-15)

  • Fri: Complete Step 5 - Gathering and Citing Images for The My Presentation Project
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Start Step 5 - Gathering and Citing Creative Commons Images
        • You DO NOT need to make the citation slide right now
        • DO NOT start making the presentation. We will do this together next week
    • YOUDO
      1. Watch the video tutorial: Searching The Creative Commons
      2. Download at least 6 images through for your presentation
      3. Name each image with the four pieces of information needed for the citation. This will help you remember these four pieces of information later when you are creating your Work Cited slide.
        1. date
        2. site
        3. author
        4. file name
      4. REMINDER: You need to cite any material that is not yours, whether it is in the Creative Commons or copy written. The difference between the two is that you can NEVER use copy written material with FIRST getting permission FROM the creator.  So, always use Creative Commons images because the creators HAVE given you permission to use their material when they published it, AS LONG AS YOU CITE THEM.
      5. EXAMPLE – HOW TO SAVE THE FILE: 151016_flickr_scottl_fenderstrat.jpg
      6. EXAMPLE – HOW TO CITE THE FILE: scottl. fenderstrat. N.d. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2015.
  • Thurs: Complete Step 4 - Storyboard and Scan and Upload Brainstorm Paper and Storyboard to Flickr for The My Presentation Project
    • Warm Up
      • Watch Toto - Africa (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah)
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Complete Step 3 - Brainwriting and Brainstorming Ideas
      • Complete Step 4 - Creating the Storyboard
    • YOUDO
      • Complete brainstorm paperwork
      • Complete your storyboard (with at least 32 slides)
        • Make sure to only write the words that will be on the slides on the paper
        • Clearly label what kind of picture is needed for each slide that has a picture (need at least 6 pictures)
      • Scanupload, and embed brainstorm paper and storyboard to your Flickr account
      • Write the text for steps 3 and 4 in the blog
  • Wed: Complete Brainwrite and Brainstorm for The My Presentation Project
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
      • Remind to have created a and account
      • Share sample brainstorm sheets
    • WEDO
      • Make a blog Post titled My Presentation
        • Copy and paste all the material from Mr. Le Duc's blog post, My Presentation
      • Take notes under Step 2 – What is Good Presentation? while watching Garr Reynolds
    • YOUDO
      • Complete your paper brainwrite and brainstorm sheet of paper
  • Mon: Discuss Policies, Review Who Has What Turned In, Finish Me As a Song Project
    • Warm Up
    • IDO
      • Have Advanced Students complete the Class Schedule and Units Planning
      • Warning! Mr. Le Duc will talk a lot! :)
      • Present Empathy > Apathy
      • Review filled in forms
      • Remind about Social Media Contracts
      • Review the class blog,
      • Explore Philosophy
        • Develop critical thinking, creativity skills, while getting lots of feedback from the instructor and peers. 
        • Oh and smile a lot!
      • Review and Discuss policies
        • Student blogs
        • Grading
        • School Policy
          • Yes, we support school policy :)
        • Electronics
          • Keep all personal electronics out of site during class time, except when Mr. Le Duc explicitly states it's alright to use personal electronics for class activity
          • Mr. Le Duc will enforce school electronics policy consequences
          • He sees it, he takes it, and you pick it up in the office after school - no judgement, just policy
        • Room Policy
          • No food or drink anywhere in the room, except for water in a sealable container
        • Bio Breaks
          • Three visits to the bathroom per semester
        • Homework
          • Homework will be assigned occasionally to support class activities
          • YOU DO Phase of class work becomes homework, if you do not finish it in class
        • Taget Dates to Complete Projects
          • Announced in the daily schedule, which is this web page

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Week 1 (Sept. 6-8)

  • Thurs: Hand in signed Syllabus and Social Media Contract, Create Create YuGiOh CardCreate a Edublogs blog, and Take Survey
    • WARM UP
    • IDO
      • Experience introduction of Mr. Le Duc - Part II
        • Career Goals
        • Honor Diversity! How? Mr. Le Duc will explain...
        • Today is still about following directions and getting stuff done
          • Oh and I will read from the book of tardy... :)
        • Explain trusted system for remembering things, hint: the mind is not a storage bin, you a todo list that 
        • Demonstrate how to create a YuGiOh card 
          • Show class folder on the server - where your pictures are located 
          • Place your finished card into the class server folder
        • Demonstrate how to create an Edublogs account
        • Demonstrate the Student Info Survey
    • WEDO
      • Take student pictures
        • For YuGiOh personality cards
    • YOUDO
      1. Hand in signed syllabus and social media contract
      2. Type your name under your picture on Mr. Le Duc's computer
      3. Make a YuGiOh card
        1. Use the directions here:
          1. Be sure to use the template image to guide you at filling in the YuGiOh card template
          2. Be sure to watch the tutorial that Mr. Le Duc created to help you
          3. UPDATE TO THE VIDEO: Just drag the card to the desktop when it's completed then place in the class folder on Newton Server
        2. Save your finished card to the Newton Server Folder in Mr. Le Duc Class Folder
        3. Finish YuGiOh Card and place on the Newton Server Shared Resources Folder in the class YuGiOh Card Folder
      4. Create an Edublogs blog
      5. Fill in the Student Info Survey

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