Seeing Photographically

Seeing Photographically Project Contract

The first image will be shot with a small f-stop (f2.8 or 4) to demonstrate shallow depth of field. The shot will be a portrait placing the individual near the lens (between 2 to 4 feet) and the background at least ten feet further back.

The second image will be shot with a low shutter speed (below 1/60th of a second). Be sure to use a tripod or brace the camera against a nonmoving object, like a wall or fence. Incorporate a still element and a moving object in the photo.

The third image will be of an unusual perspective. Take the picture to purposefully disguise the identity of the object; extreme close-up, shot from above or below, from inside or outside and/or with unusual lighting; extreme low or bright light or shading. Explore textures, sidewalks, walls, ceiling tiles and/or grates. Look for patterns like rows of trees, vehicles, poles, books or fence lines.

15 points will be awarded for this project. The point allocation is listed below:

Points Benchmarks
2 Plan for picture, camera proficiency Detail in class how you plan to take the images with the equipment.
2 Print (paper and online) Pick ONE of the three images you captured. Print the selected image as a 5 x 7 inch print. The online version should be less than 100K in bit depth, 72 dpi, saved in jpeg format and be within 5 x 7 inches in size.
2 Camera Settings Record the camera f-stop, shutter and film speed settings in your online portfolio.
2 Enlarger Settings Record the enlarger exposure time, lens f-stop, enlarger height settings in your online portfolio.
2 Journaling in the portfolio Publish all of the enlarger and camera settings in your portfolio.
1 Teamwork Work with your peers in a constructive collegial manner.
1 Presentation Be present and participate in evaluation on the final day of the project. The day is set on the class calendar. You will present both the paper and online version of the print.
1 Self Evaluation Offer self evaluation of your work during class using the terms and concepts related to the project.

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