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Web Publishing / Online Portfolio Project Contract

Find an appealing web page that has layout that inspires you. Copy the layout design concepts using Illustrator, Photoshop, and XHTML with CSS through Dreamweaver. Link the original web page to your own web page to compare during evaluation. The project will include multiple images created either digitally through Photoshop or conventionally with our photography equipment. Completed project will incorporate at least five web pages or a single page that includes all the content listed below, multiple high quality images, multiple graphic elements and font styles and sizes. Compose a drawing as a description of your project to be handed in. Incorporate at least 4 sentences explaining in detail; Who is your audience, what are your assumptions about their interests, how are you going to reach them and what is your goal for the site? This site will be autobiographical in nature unless otherwise indicated. Read the criterion below for details.

15 points will be awarded for this project. The point allocation is listed below:

Points Benchmarks
2 Plan Email 10 web addresses to the teacher with at least one sentence description for each address.
2 Sketch Draw the layout of your favorite site on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in detail. Make sure to place your name, class period and the inspirational web address on the sheet. Then create a digital version in Illustrator or Photoshop.
2 Template File with Clean XHTML Formatting Create and save your .XTHML template file in your web site folder. The template file should include the appropriate number of sections to successfully create your site's aesthetic look.
2 Site Formatting Create a web site folder within which includes all .html and .css your file, a media folder, which includes all media files like pictures (.jpg or .gif files). Have your site properly defined either with 5 pages, including a intro index page or placing all of the equivalent information on one page with good XHTML and CSS formatting.
2 Images Create and save your layout incorporating numerous image elements, at least two.
2 Journaling Publish your process for working through problems you incountered using terms and cocepts of web design.
1 Teamwork Work with your peers in a constructive collegial manner.
1 Presentation Be present and participate in evaluation on the final day of the project. The day is set on the class calendar. You will present both the paper and online version of the print.
1 Self Evaluation Offer self evaluation of your work during class using the terms and concepts related to the project.

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