Introduction to Digital Image Manipiulation and Graphics Creations Project Contract

Students will learn how to manipulate a digital images asa well as generate vector and bitmap graphics.

Part I - Work with an Alpha Pict and save it into your personal folder on the CHS _Students Server. Then, Scan a photograph or piece of art with the scanner. Save the file as a Photoshop image then open it from within Photoshop. Experiment with each of the tools in the tool bar then try filters which are located under the "image" menu item and use multiple layers.

Part II - Find an add in a magazine, scan it into Photoshop and save it into your personal folder. Create a fake add with the scanned add. Use the tools, text and graphics elements (with Adobe Illustrator), layers, filters, contrast and other tonal editing tool to edit the image. Follow the size and formatting guidelines spelled out below. Be sure to not change the Background Layer so we can see the progres of your work from beginnig to end. Save each layer you create for the final presentation.

15 points will be awarded for this project. The point allocation is listed below:

Points Benchmarks
2 for Alpha Pict - Formatting Save an Alpha Pict in your student folder on the CHS_Students Server folder and use multiple layers and tools to manipulate the letter of your choice.
2 Example Add Find and present an add to the class that you will scan for the project
2 Layers and Filters Use a minimum of five layers, three filters and save the final rendition in your CHS_Students Server folder.
2 Text or graphical elements Include atleast two element from Adobe Illustrator.
2 Formatting The image should be under 100K in bit depth, 72 dpi, saved in jpeg format and be within 4 x 6 inches in size.
2 Journaling Document in your journal your process with atleast four sentences.
1 Teamwork Work with your peers in a constructive collegial manner.
1 Presentation Be present and participate in evaluation on the final day of the project. The day is set on the class calendar. You will present both the matboard mounted and online version of the print.
1 Self Evaluation Offer self evaluation of your work during class using the terms and concepts related to the project.

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