Final Project

Final Project Contract

Compose a deliberate creativity description of your final project. Incorporate at least 4 sentences explaining in detail what your project will entail, why you are doing it and how it will be evaluated. Email the plan to your instructor. The project will include at least one image created either digitally through Photoshop or conventionally with our photography equipment or more web design. The completed project will incorporate at least one high quality image with proper tonal quality, matted with all settings recorded on the back (Conventional: camera & enlarger settings - Photoshop: image size in inches and resolution and number of layers, filters and FX used). You will present the image in your portfolio matted if a paper print was produced

15 points will be awarded for this project. The point allocation is listed below:

Points Benchmarks
2 Plan (written) Compose and email your instructor your plan for the final project..
2 Finished Product Complete the planned project with all components described in your plan.
2 Quality Identify and demonstrate quality composition in your work.
2 Elements and settings What tools did you use and in what configuration. Document these in your portfolio.
2 Formatting Identify formatting, example: rule of thirds, you will adhere to and offer it in the final product.
2 Journaling in the portfolio Publish all of the related settings and a brief description of the work process in your portfolio.
1 Teamwork Work with your peers in a constructive collegial manner.
1 Presentation Be present and participate in evaluation on the final day of the project. The day is set on the class calendar. You will present both the paper and online version of the print.
1 Self Evaluation Offer self evaluation of your work during class using the terms and concepts related to the project.

By signing this document I agree that I understand the requirements of this project.

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