10.B.1 Demonstrate additional attributes

Life and Career Skills

Productivity and Accountability

Produce Results

10.B.1   Demonstrate additional attributes associated with producing high quality products including the abilities to:


Exceeds Standard


Approaching Standard

Not at Standard

10.B.1.a    Works positively and ethically

Consistently applies ethics to all aspects of work.  Has a positive outlook and creates a positive work environment for all involved while working on projects. 

Is constructive with criticism when working with others.  Has a positive attitude towards tasks, projects and others.  Applies values and ethics to all work completed

Occasionally has a negative attitude towards tasks, projects and/or others.  At times does not apply ethics while working on tasks and projects.

Typically is negative toward tasks, projects and/or others.  Does not consider ethics while working on tasks/projects or with others.

10.B.1.b    Manages time and projects effectively

Consistently stays focused, prioritizes tasks, recognizes time constraints, estimates time to completion, and avoids distractions while meeting deadlines, using time effectively.

Develops a timeline of the work to be completed and stays focused throughout the process.

Occasionally off task in regards to accomplishing timeline.  Thus,  only a portion of the work is completed

Always off task and does not complete the work to be done.

10.B.1.c    Demonstrates the ability to multi-task

Effectively manages several tasks at the same time and is able to accomplish task prior to prescribe deadlines.

Is able to manage tasks at the same time within designated time constraints.

Manages several tasks at the same time, but struggles to complete assigned tasks on time or in an efficient manner.

Is unable to manage several tasks at the same time.

10.B.1.d    Participate actively, as well as be reliable and punctual

Consistently provides useful ideas when participating in the group and in classroom discussion and is reliable, and always on time.

Provides useful ideas when participating in the group and in classroom discussion and is reliable and punctual.

Sometimes participates in group and classroom discussions.  Is not always on time or reliable.

Does not participate in group or classroom discussion. Cannot be counted on and is consistently late.

10.B.1.e    Present oneself professionally and with proper etiquette

Behavior and attire are consistently appropriate for the occasion.  Always acts respectfully towards others.

Displays professional and responsible behavior and dresses appropriately for the occasion.  Acts respectfully towards others.

Does not always display professional and responsible behavior.  Sometimes dresses appropriately for the occasion.  Occasionally acts respectfully towards others.

Does not display professional or responsible behavior.  Rarely dresses appropriately for the occasion.  Often does not act respectfully towards others.

10.B.1.f    Collaborate and cooperate effectively with teams

Consistently listens to others and their ideas; helping them to develop their ideas while giving them full credit; helping the team reach its full potential

Listens to others' points of view; always uses appropriate and respectful language; tries to make a definite effort to understand others' ideas.

Sometimes listens to others, and often assumes others’ ideas will not work; tries to work well with the team.

Is argumentative with others’; does not listen to groups opinions and ideas; wants things done their way and does not listen to alternate approaches.

10.B.1.g    Respects and appreciates team diversity

Consistently listens to others.  All statements, responses and body language, are respectful and appropriate. Always listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others.

Listens to, shares and supports others. Statements and responses are respectful and appropriate body language was exhibited.

Most statements, responses and body language are respectful; occasionally had a negative tone.  Does not always listen to, share with, and support the efforts of others.

Statements, responses and/or body language were consistently not respectful. Rarely listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others

10.B.1.h    Is accountable for results

Consistently and accurately completes tasks and takes responsibility for work.

Takes responsibility for work completed.

Sometimes takes limited responsibility for not completing work.

Does not take responsibility for completed on uncompleted work.