1st Game Design Contest Teams

Game Name Team Name
Destination Crisis Crisis
Long Coder
Kayleigh Terrain
Joe Characters
Chris Sound
Galagamon Deep Sea Studios
Brook Coder
Anakin Characters
Alex Characters
Battle of the Blocks Vushos
Rex Sound and Art
Nicholas Coder
Mark Coder and Art
Tyler Coder
Zion Coder
LOLTANKS LGBT (Little Girls Big Tanks)
Jian Coder
Frank Characters
Cecilio Terrain
Austin Characters
Fishy Delishy Fluster Cluck Corp.
Tyler Coder
Cooper Level Designer
Thuy Si Coder
Connor Coder
Matthew Characters
Animaliens Retro Game Jam
Sander Terrain
Robyn Sprite Maker/Artist
Emmitt Producer/Helper
Montana Sound Effects
Sean Coder
Space Donkey Donkeys of Space
Robert Artist
Tyler Terrain
Arun Coder
Prototype Mank Deme
Nathaniel Producer/Music
David Terrain
Amy Characters
Ethan Characters
Noah Coder