GenTECH Weeks 1-9 Fall

Weekly Activities Schedule

Week 9 (Oct. 27-31)

  • Thurs-Fri: Work on App Challenge
    • YOUDO
      • Finish and publishCriterion A
      • Finish and publishCriterion B
      • Finish and publishCriterion C
      • Work on your part of the project
      • Be prepared to share progress on Monday
      • Complete the Photoshop Basics blog post
        • Hand in feedback form to the sub
  • Wed:ReviewTerms andWorkin Photoshop Tools

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Week 8 (Oct. 20-24)

  • Fri: Publish Criteria A, B, C Drafts
  • Thurs: Finish Criterion A and Be Woring on Criterion B and C
    • WARM UP
    • IDO
      • Please complete the Team forms for Background, Skills, and Roles
        • Cody, Cade, Conner, Tori, Preethi, Alec, Leika, Nigel, Curtis, Tanner, Mehar, Anthony, and Brendan
      • Demonstrate the Project Forms (Zip)
      • You should really have a person on the team take a look at all the Project Criteria and designate a person responsible for composing and publishing each one
      • Also, look at theApp Challengerequirements and deadline and begin to build a rough schedule of who is going to do what when
      • You will need this for Criterion C, The Schedule
      • Composeand publishCriterion Adraft today
        • Titleblog post, Team ? App Challenge - Criterion A
        • There needs to be 2 parts, use the statementst below as headers in your blog post
          1. Initial Consultation
          2. Initial Investigation
    • WEDO
      • Answer questions
    • YOUDO
      • Finish filling in the Teamwork Form and hand back to Mr. Le Duc
      • Compose and publish Criterion Adraft today
      • Be ready to publish Criterion Bdraft tomorrow
      • Use the IB form and copy and paste into your blog
      • Examine the requirements for the Criterion C, Project Schedule
      • Use the IB form and copy and paste into your blog

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Week 7 (Oct. 13-17)

  • Fri: Finish Scripts and Make Sandwiches
    • IDO
      • Answer questions from yesterday
    • WEDO
      • Work on scripts
      • Publish your teams' script to your blog post
    • YOUDO
      • If your team is picked, present your script
  • Thurs: Create PBJ Programming Script
    • YOUDO
      • Nigel, Cole, Jackson, Curtiss, Anthony, Cade, Connor, Stevens, Leika
        • Pleasefill intheSoftware Terms Survey
        • Mr. Le Duc needs your input before creating the word art of terms
      • Work in your numberteams of two
      • Create a blog post titled, PBJ Programming
        • Include in the post:
          • A fun, related picture from the Creative Commons
          • A description of the project
          • Your team number
          • The first name of the other team member
          • The 'code' for the project to be executed on Friday
  • Mon: Finish Computer Hardware
    • WARM UP
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Finish notes from Thirteen Days
        • Share what you found compelling / interesting in the film
        • Include an image in the post and cite your source
      • Readpages 35 to 40
    • YOUDO
      • Be able to explain bits and bytes
      • Review other elements from the pages read in class

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Week 6 (Oct. 6-9)

  • Thurs: FinishThirteen Days
    • Create a blog post titled, Thirteen Days
      • Include a one paragraph refelction on the film
  • Wed: Continue Thirteen Days
    • WARM UP
      • What makes this story S.U.C.C.E.S - Full?
    • IDO
      • What are you understanding about the social impact of technology about this story?
    • WEDO
      • Discuss in your teams of two:
    • YOUDO
      • Watch from 1:00:00

  • Mon: Learn about Computer Processors and Decisions
    • Warm Up
      • Go back 52 years to this time in October and what would you decide?
      • WatchThirteen Daysfrom 10:00 to 27:45
    • IDO
      • Computer processing = making decisions
    • WEDO
    • YOUDO
      • Read pages 30-31

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Week 5 (Sept. 29 - Oct. 3)

  • Fri: Contruct Computers
    • IDO
      • Discuss Computer components
      • Talk about each parts role in the computer
      • Share process to put computers
    • WEDO
      • Answer questions
    • YOUDO
      • Get computer from the darkroom
      • Inventory parts
      • Take turns putting the parts back into the computer
  • Wed: Discuss InPut and Output Devices, Prepare for Computer Deconstruction
    • IDO
      • Introduce new seating arrangement
      • Discuss computer hardware set up
      • Watch thePomegranate Phone
    • WEDO
      • Sitin new seat
        • Ask your neighbor about their hobbies, presonality shape and learning styles
      • Discuss input and output devices
      • Discusshow bar codes work and other input devices of the future, page 23
      • Discuss output devices for impaired people, page 29
      • Review terms for chapter
      • Hardware Terms at Quizlet
    • YOUDO
      • Readabout various output devices on pages 27 through 29
  • Tues: Read and Discuss Input Devices in Chapter 2
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Answer questions about exercise
    • YOUDO
      • Complete exercise 2.4, page 18, in teams of two
        • Identify stakeholders
        • Discuss possible solutions for e-waste
          • What can be done about this problem?
          • Safely recycling computer parts is expensive
          • Who should be responsible for paying the price?
  • Mon:Finish Back to School Podcast
    • IDO
      • Listento 1st and 2nd acts of the radio programThis American Life
        • Listened to first 19 minutes of podcast last week
        • Today we will listen to 37:00 minutes then skip to 43:00 and listen until the end
    • WEDO
      • Answer questions about blog posts or the podcast
    • YOUDO
      • Listen and Finish notes in the blog post titled,'Back to School'

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Week 4 (Sept. 22-26)

  • Fri:LearnMore About Your Self Control and Your Future Success
    • IDO
    • WEDO
    • YOUDO
      • Embedan image in the blog post
      • Takenotes in your blog
        • Includethings that are meaningful to you
          • This is practice for taking notes in your blog
      • Checkspelling and grammar
      • Save as draft at the end of the class period
        • We will finish the podcast on Monday
  • Wed: Complete Exercise 2.7 on Page 43
    • IDO
    • WEDO
      • Answer questions
      • Form teams of two
    • YOUDO
      • Create blog post titled, Researching Computer Parts
        • Include an image of the a computer
        • Include the spreadsheet data from your research
      • Create a spreadsheet with the
        1. Item name (Example: Motherboard)
        2. Product name (Example: Asis)
        3. Product specific details (Example:GIGABYTE GA-X99-GAMING 5 LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel)
        4. Review (Example: 100 favorable reviews)
        5. Vendor name (Example: New Egg)
        6. Cost
      • Include these components:
        • Motherboard
        • Processor
        • RAM
        • Video/GraphicCard
        • Chassis / Case
        • Power Supply
        • Hard-drive
        • Opitcal Drive
        • Mouse
        • Keyboard
        • Monitor
  • Tues:Read Chapter 2, Review Terms
    • Warm up
    • IDO
      • Review terms process
      • Highlight computer hardware concepts
      • Share chapter project goals
    • WEDO
      • 10 minutes of reading time
      • Review Quizlet terms
      • Share terms data
    • YOUDO
      • Complete activity 2.1 in teams of two
  • Mon: Format Blog Posts, Read Chapter 2, Review Terms

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Week 3 (Sept. 15-19)

  • Thurs: Debrief Presentation Process,Investigate First Problem / Solution Scenario, Create Blog Post
    • Finish presentations
    • Exploreiterative processas we debrief the presentation process
      • You will practice the iterative process throughout the year

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Week 2 (Sept. 8-12)

  • Wed: Review Articles and Writing, Start Team Presentation
    • Is it InfoTech?
      1. Information being input (possibly automation)
      2. Processing of information
      3. Output of information
      4. Storage and communication of information may also be present
  • Tues: Read Tech and Info Tech Articles and Make Blog Post
    • Complete Exercise 1.2
    • Make a blog post titled, Exercise 1.2 Tech vs. Info Tech
      • Do the articles deal with tech or info tech?
      • Briefly explain your reasoning in the post
    • Link the articles you read in your blog post
  • Mon: Read Chapter 1, Set Up RSS Reader, Subscribe to News Services

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Week 1 (Sept. 3-5)