Visual Communications - Fall

Weekly Activities Schedule

Week 20 (Jan. 27-31)

  • Mon: Explore GarageBand Rhythm (Green Tracks)
    • Mr. Le Duc will hand back paperwork
    • Listen to a couple student favorites and examine blog posts
    • Listen to two versions of Elvis' A Little Less Conversation Remix
      • Watch Junkie XL's Video
      • It's about rhythm!
    • Explore Calvin Harris' story
    • Explore pre-built rhythms on the program
    • Create and save a rhythm in GarageBand
      • No more than 60 seconds


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Week 19 (Jan. 21-24)

  • Fri: Review Terms and Learn GarageBand Basics
    • Create a new section heading in the Audio Production blog post
      • Title the section My Favorite Song
    • Place the link to a YouTube video of your favorite song
    • Compose a paragraph describing in audio terms why you like it
    • Terms and Concepts
    • Discuss defining audio definitions strategies
    • Team up with another student
      • Check their audio file extension definitions
      • Review all definitions as a class
    • Examine the basics of the program and review order of events for next week
      • Why is audio so important?
      • We are goning to work one track type at a time
  • Thurs: Create a Blog Post Titled Sound Production
    • Create a section heading titled, Audio Terms and Concepts
    • Define sound file extensions (e.g. AU, AIFF, WAV, MP3, RA(RealAudio), MIDI, WMA, QT(Quicktime))
      • Be careful to not plagiarize
      • Cite your sources as active links
    • Watch VIDEO TUTORIAL: Audio Multitracking
    • Review Mr. Le Duc's Bookmarks for GarageBand
  • Tues: Continue with the  It Might Get Loud Documentary
    • Watch from minute 10:23 to 54:00
    • Continue to take reflective notes
      • Look for evidence of what each muscian did to achieve success?
      • What struggles did they need to overcome?
      • What in their stories is interesting to you?

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Week 18 (Jan. 13-17)

  • Fri: Create a Blog Post Titled It Might Get Loud
    • No late work accepted after Tuesday
    • First watch selection from the movie From The Sky Down
      • Watch from 50:00 to 1:06 minutes mark
    • Reflect on the movie It Might Get Loud
      • What did these three musicians need to do to become accomplished in their craft?
      • Read example reflection
    • Support your reflection with at least one small paragraph
    • Start Audio Production Project
    • Review requirements
      • Compare/Contrast sound file extensions (e.g. AIF, WAV, MP3, RA, MIDI, WMA, QT)
      • Use digital recording devices to capture sound
      • Explain sampling and how it related to sound quality and file size
      • Use software to mix audio
      • Use software to sweeten/equalize audio
      • Explain problems associated with audio mixing and multiple microphones.
      • Identify the basic elements of a quality audio signal, select proper equipment
      • Use software to edit sound files
      • Select hardware to perform audio tasks
      • Access and capture recorded and live audio from a variety of sources
  • Thurs: Present Graphic Design Basics Work
    • Team up with another student
    • View their blog post
    • Click on links to presentations
    • Explain why you made the design choices you made
    • Present to the whole class
  • Wed: Build the Defending Your Design Slide Show and Upload to
    • Include in your slides:
      • Your logo
      • Why you chose the color(s) and what they mean
      • Why you chose the shape(s) and what they mean
      • Your poster
      • Why the quote
      • Why the picture
      • Why you chose the font(s) and what they mean
      • Why you chose the colors and what they mean
    • Review color theories
    • Review shape theories
    • Hand in your feedback form for the Graphic Design Project
      • Or take it home and have a family member review it and bring back tomorrow
  • Tues: Complete Graphic Design Basics Blog Post
    • Finish post
    • Use the feedback form as a guide
    • Hand in the form tomorrow

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Week 17 (Jan. 6-10)

  • Fri: Create a Logo
    • Review Graphic Design Basics blog post requirements
    • Work on logo
    • Find a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Thurs: Review Posters
    • Critique each other's work with these principles and then make improvements
    • Plan logo and banner work for blogs
      • Get the dimensions of the header banner in your blog
      • Make a new document in Illustrator with these dimensions
      • Create banner
      • Save for web as a PNG or JPG file

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Week 16 (Dec. 16-20)

  • Thurs: Review Skills Devlopment
    • Answer questions from yesterday
    • Explain the Quote Poster Project
    • Find a quote from someone your respect
    • Find a high quality image from the Creative Commons that represents the idea of the quote
    • Experiment with font and text
    • Experiment with image import and contrast

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Week 15 (Dec. 9-13)

  • Tues: Start Graphic Design Project
    • Form new teams
    • Experience Nerd vs. Geek
    • Hand back graded feedback forms
    • Mon: Critique Photoshop Basics Blog Posts
      • Team up with assigned partner
      • Review their blog post and give them feedback
      • Hand in Feedback Form
      • Explore the Color in Motion web site

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    Week 14 (Dec. 2-6)

    • Fri: Compose Photoshop Basics Project Blog Post
      1. Save Photoshop work for web
      2. Upload before and after images to Flickr
      3. Embed images into blog
      4. Write sections headings into blog post
      5. Write summary and what you learned sections
      6. Link to a tutorial you used, like
      7. Take a feedback form home for someone at home to review your blog
      8. Have feedback form ready by class Monday

    • Wed: Continue and Finish Tutorial Work
      • Start creating your the Photoshop Project blog post
        • The blog post is due at the end of the week

    • Tues: Continue Tutorial Work
      • Be sure to save the web address to at least one tutorial you used

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    Week 13 (Nov. 25-27)

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    Week 12 (Nov. 18-22)

    • Tues: Review Blog Posts
      • Checkout where we are headed next: Photoshop

    • Mon: Finish Your Best Shot Project
      • Get a feedback form from the table and have someone check your blog post
      • Turn in your feedback form to the sub or take it home and have a parent or guardian check your grammar and content

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    Week 11 (Nov. 12-15)

    • Thurs: Start Your Best Shot Project
      • Review requirements
      • Create blog post titled, My Best Shot
        • Create headings
        • Write the summary
      • Find an image in at Flickr through
      • Embed the image into your blog post
        • Cite web site and the image creator
      • Copy and paste the EXIF info into your blog post below the image
      • Be ready to share settings tomorrow

    • Wed: Review Blog Posts, Images and 6 Pictures to Tell a Story

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    Week 10 (Nov. 4-8)

    • Fri: Combat Cameramen of WWII and Equivalent Exposure
      • Create a blog post titled, Equivalent Exposures and WWII Photographers
        • Take notes on the main concepts of the video presentation
        • Reminder: embed an image into your blog post

    • Wed: Review 3 Pictures and Camera Settings
      • Have your pictures in the class gallery on Flickr and we'll share what worked
      • Be prepared to share the EXIF info (can be found in the 3 dots link)

    • Mon: Demonstrate Understanding of Camera Concepts
      • Review the Camera Sim
      • Prepare a demonstration to share your understanding of the following concepts and share with class
        • Exposure
        • Aperture
        • Depth of Field