GenTECH Project Proposals

Timestamp Student Name Client Name Client Email Problem Questions Proposed Meeting Date and Time Survey Tool(s) for End User(s)
12/13/2011 12:56:45 Alex Le Joe DeBruyne Mr. D does not have a website for his students to access outside of class. Would you like help creating a site to help aid your students? 
Also would you like help maintaining the website?
12/14/11 at some point Paper
12/13/2011 12:58:07 Mariya Mr. LaViollette -no study guides on website Would you like to make study guides and study material available for your students on you website? Not yet discussed; possibly Wednesday mornings Paper
12/13/2011 12:58:28 Chance Watts Michal Deakins Mr. Deakins has power points that are not as right brain friendly as they could be how well do you think students understand and retain knowledge from your slide shows?
do you think you could improve your slide shows?
Friday 16 december Google Forms
12/13/2011 12:59:10 Ally Holttum Jen Boelts The career center page needs to be updated-- there could be a lot more information posted as well as links to certain scholarship applications. 1) Do you think you would use this website more often if it were easier to access?
2) Would it be maintained?
3) What new information would you like to see on the site?
TBA Google Forms
12/13/2011 12:59:10 Austin Barwick-Davis Dan Lundberg The band does not have an online calendar to check dates and times without ambiguity. 1) Would a calendar be helpful?
2) Would it be used?
3) Who would administrate it and keep it updated?
4) What online program would be used?
TBA Google Forms
12/13/2011 13:00:06 Shea Temple Mr. Carlson He does not have a website that his students can access. Why don’t you have a webpage?
Do you have a reason for not having a webpage?
What would you like to do about your webpage?
When do you want to meet so we can further discuss your webpage?
12/14/2011 Paper
12/13/2011 13:01:55 David Buchholz Ms. Bonds To extend knowledge of extra help in school to the students How may we further spread knowledge and participation of extra school help to students? TBA Paper
12/13/2011 13:03:04 Henry Smith Lunch Ladies N/a The lunch line is less efficient than in previous years. Lunch lady's are putting together lunches as people get there and there are very few pre-made lunches. I would like to design a new system whereby there are lines designed for putting money into your account, normal lines, and lines where you must use your asb card. This will speed of the process and make the lunch process faster. Why is the system set up differently last year than this year?
What needs to stay the same?
What can change?
How do you feel about an overhaul of the system?
January Paper
12/13/2011 13:03:28 Nate Collins Mr. Bove Mr. Bove does not have a website. Would you like assistance in creating a website for your classes?
Would you like help in maintaining and updating this website?
Not yet discussed. 12/15? Paper
12/13/2011 13:03:48 Marina Mr. Laviolette Mr. Laviolette's list of assigned homework on the website is a bit unorganized and difficult to follow. Would you like help in organizing your assignments so they are easy to follow for students who are sick or have missed school?

What way do you think this would be done best? A calendar perhaps?
Either during first period or directly after Paper
12/13/2011 13:03:54 Jimmy Nguyne Kristi Bonds Tutoring is not mentioned in the resources section of the website or in school by teachers in the math and science departments for that matter. Since the tutoring program is ran by the library faculty, I believe that Mrs. Bonds is the right person to contact to resolve this situation. What ways of advertisements is appropriate to inform the school/general public/parents about the tutoring program? 12/15/2011 Paper
12/13/2011 13:04:12 Andrea Mr. Parker App
Did you want me to help you organize and relocating some items on your website?

Did you even want my help?.... :(

you do! :D? okay, well is there a time that works for you so we can go over what can be done with your blog?
Sometime in January Paper
12/13/2011 13:04:39 David Kim Scott Le Duc Mr. Le Duc's presentations are not available online. Would creating an app for smart phones help other students who were absent to know what happened in the class? If so, would you like to make one? Mostly anytime Google Forms
12/13/2011 13:05:04 Alec Mr. Hook * the problem is that we are waisting far to much paper and resources on school assignments when we could not only cut the waist factors we could also change the problem in general by updating the current system... I propose we put all books and assignments on like, making it so we can access the material via our virtual world. Wether it's on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet I want to be able to use these amazing pieces of technology in the education field. Pros: 
•Current downfalls of normal pen & paper work 
•Heavy materials 
•waists of resources 

•possible destractions
•not all people have access to the tech. Needed
1/4/2012 Google Forms
12/13/2011 13:07:02 Cheyne Mr. Johnston Knowledge Bowl's only page on the school website does not have a link under the "extra-curricular activities" page; it may be getting sub-adequate exposure. Are you interested in providing the club the maximum amount of exposure it can get?
What do you think would be the best medium or method of advertising to achieve this end?
Is there any particular reason that the Knowledge Bowl page only has a link from your staff page? Was that your intent, or were you even aware of this?
What efforts have you made to advertise the club? Are there any that you have thought of but not carried out?
When would be a good time to meet next? Would email work as another form of communication via which I could update you on the project's progress?
The goals I have for this project are to get Knowledge Bowl appropriate exposure, but only if that is what it wants.
After break, or this Thursday. Paper
12/13/2011 13:10:05 Branden Pickering Cynthia Dinsmore Choir practice materials and dates are not readily available for those who are absent or lose them. Good solution could be a website, which also boasts eco benefits. Would you like some help with IT solutions regarding the problem?

(If so) Do you have any ideas other than a website that would work, such as an emailing list?
Any time between now and friday, or in january after winter break. Google Forms
12/13/2011 13:11:58 Connor Soran Karla Urevig No access to assignments or notes for students who are absent. Would you like some help making your assignments or notes more accessible to absent students? anytime Google Forms
1/31/2012 13:16:58 Julia Stohr Stephanie Brock Stephanie is looking for a new puppy but she does not know which breed would best fit her lifestyle. Where do you live?
How many hours a day do you work?
Do you allow animals inside your household?
How much time would you be willing to devote to walking a dog?
Do you have any allergies?
Have you had dogs in the past?
Do you have any other animals? 
What is the primary role that you want the dog to play?
Do you have a family/children?
Feburary 5, 2012 Paper