Writing Lab Referal Form

Word Choice

Selection of words are varied and sophisticated. Vocabulary reflects knowledge of subject matter and is appropriate to audience.

Content of Ideas

Facts exist at an appropriate balance (should be 2 per paragraph -- WASL) within the writing. Evidence proves the topic sentence and supports ideas. Evidence is clear, coherent, relevant and well sustained.


The writing is constrcted in a way that develops thought and arrives at a conclusion. Support exists early enough to ease reader confusion and support analysis.

  • Thesis/conclusion = if/then/because
  • Claim, support, warrant
  • Error analysis/discrepant events
  • Restate premise in conclusion


  • Spelling, grammer and punctuation
  • Citaions are in correct format (MLA / APA)
  • Sentence structure and fluency. Use of transitions.

Clarity of Voice

Does the writing sound like a specific person wrote it? Purpose clearly and simply stated?


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