Extra Math Stuff

Math Help

There are many websites that offer assistance to those in need of help with mathematics. Some of them discuss various concepts, while others give you access to experts who can answer specific questions. Here are some sites that may be useful:

  1. Khan Academy - specific tutorials on a variety of math topics
  2. Webmath.com - self-help math solvers that will solve posed questions step-by-step
  3. Learning Express Library - diagnostic math tests, preparatory tests, and more (Requires a Timberland Regional Library Card)
  4. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math - answers to commonly asked questions in math, and the ability to ask a professor a question of your own
  5. Math.com - tutorials in math topics ranging from basic math through calculus, and other interesting math content
  6. Mathematician Biographies - an index of biographies of historical mathematicians

There are many things that students can do to improve their learning. Not all things are in their control, but many of them are. Once they know specific things that can help their learning, then they can begin to modify their behavior and also self-advocate for more beneficial educational practices. I will attempt to incorporate these ideas into my teaching, and encourage my students to "remind" me of what they need to learn best.

  1. Brain Rules -The 12 critical ideas to improve learning at school, home, and work


Bad Math Skills
Riding on the Tide

The world is full of bad math. Examples of this bad math crop up on almost a daily basis, ranging from simple miscalculations (a grocery store making a sale item cost more than its regular price) to poor spatial skills (people driving into things because they could not judge the distance) to lack of strategic planning (conflicts that begin with no visible resolution.) It is my belief that if people had better skills in math, that there would be fewer problems in the world.

As examples of bad math skills are brought to my attention, I will post some of them to remind us all why skills in math are important no matter what your career may be.

Examples of Bad Math Skills:

  1. Ma & Pa Kettle (wmv)

  2. Shrek confusion (wmv)
  3. Vendor's Sign (jpg)


Fractal Images are courtesy of Blatte's Fractals (http://exoteric.roach.org). Used by permission.