In-Class Activity 12/17

In-class activity

*Email your answers for Parts II & IV and to receive a map for Parts I & III.

Part I: On your map, label the following countries and bodies of water:







La Manche


Mer Mditerrane

Ocan Atlantique


Part II: In the U.S., our country is divided into 50 states, which are then divided into counties. However, we also have more vague divisions, such as the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, that serve more as geographical and cultural divisions. How is France divided? How do these divisions (approximately) correspond to our divisions? What is the purpose of these divisions?

Part III: Below is a list of rgions franaises. On your map of Frances regions, label each region with the corresponding number.

Rgions franaises

1. Alsace

2. Aquitaine

3. Auvergne

4. Basse-Normandie

5. Bourgogne

6. Bretagne

7. Centre

8. Champagne-Ardenne

9. Corse

10. Franche-Comt

11. Haute-Normandie

12. le-de-France

13. Languedoc-Roussillon

14. Limousin

15. Lorraine

16. Midi-Pyrnes

17. Nord-Pas de Calais

18. Pays-de-la-Loire

19. Picardie

20. Poitou-Charentes

21. Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur

22. Rhne-Alpes

BONUS: Overseas departments (the following are both departments and regions)

These are not on your map. Can you find where in the world where they are? Give me a short description for a bonus point.

a. Guadeloupe

b. Martinique

c. French Guiana

d. Runion

Part IV: Choose 3 or 4 regions that may interest you. Find the following information for each of these regions:

What are some of the major cities/towns in the region?

What is the historical and/or cultural significance of the region?

What is the region known for?

If you were traveling in France, why would you want to visit this region?