Oral presentation and written product due on Wednesday, 30 January.

Because our class cant hop on a plane to France, your task is to bring a little bit of France to us. For this project, you will be (virtually) traveling to a region of France as a tourist and creating a travel log detailing your adventures. You will also share your experiences in an oral presentation to the class. And the best part? You have no budget and can spend as much money as you like!

Research & Planning

First, you will need to do some research. Dig around the local tourist bureau and tourism websites to find out what is unique to this region. Here are some questions to guide your initial research:

Where is this region located in France?

What is the region known or recognized for? What is unique to the region?

What monuments and attractions are there for tourists? What is there to do here?

What are the major cities and towns?

After you have some background information, begin to plan your trip! You need to plan on taking real flights and staying in real hotels. Think about the following logistical issues:

When will you travel?

How will you get to France and around the region?

Where will you stay?

What will you do (i.e. tours, activities, visiting monuments, taking a language class, etc.)

I will not require a formal bibliography. However, you do need to provide me a list of places you found information the title/company and the website address, at a minimum.

Written Product

Now that you have wandered through your French region, youll recount your trip in some sort of travel log or journal. This is the written component that you will turn in. This may be a scrapbook, a diary, a blog, a collection of postcards, a travel brochure, etc. Although the focus will be on your writing, it also needs to have a visual component. This could be pictures that you took on your trip, tickets stubs and brochures, sketches you drew, etc.


  • Use of l'imparfait, le pass compos, le prsent, le futur
  • IB students must also use le subjonctif et le conditionnel
  • Minimum of 5 different entries (i.e. 5 different postcards, journal days, etc.)
  • Minimum word count: 250 words / 350 words for IB students
**If you are working with a partner, you may do your research and planning together. However, you must turn in separate written products.

Oral Presentation

During our finals' period, everyone will make an oral presentation on their French region. Your presentation can shadow your written product and be a detailed summary of your trip or can be a more general introduction to the region.


  • Visual element (PowerPoint, poster, brochure, pictures, etc.)
  • Individual: 3-5 minutes
  • Partner: 6-8 minutes
Your presentation should be well-rehearsed and polished. You cannot read from a script, but you may have notecards, notes or a PowerPoint to help you.


This project, both the written and oral components, will be assessed using an adaptation of the IB test criteria, which includes task/message, language and presentation. Ill give more details on these with the grading rubric, which Ill distribute and post online after winter break.


You may work with a partner on this project. However, you are responsible for turning in individual written work. You may do your research together and plan the trip together, but your travel logs cannot be written together. Your presentation will be made together, but you may be scored separately if one partner does the bulk of the speaking.