PROJET: Campagne de publicité environnementale


Previous projects:

Please print the Digital Storybook Overview here.

  • This includes all of the information you need to rock this project, including required elements and due dates.

Voilà une copie du storyboard.  Il faut que vous imprimiez des copies.

Voilà les rubriques!

  • There are separate rubrics for your story (due 16 March) and your digital storybook (due 3 April) and oral interaction (due 15 April).
  • Please be sure to turn in the appropriate rubric with each component if you would like an explanation of your score.

Dates limites:

  • story: Monday, 16 March
  • storyboards due/COW in class: Monday, 23 March
  • COW in class: Tuesday, 24 March
  • digital storybook due (posted on voicethread): Friday, 3 April
  • recorded comments on VoiceThread: Wednesday, 15 April


Posting your digital storybook on VoiceThread

Ready to post your VoiceThread for the world (or at least our class) to see?  Make sure we can see it by following these steps:

  • Under the "MyVoice" tab, find your digital storybook
  • Click on the "Menu" icon in the lower right-hand corner
  • Click "Share"
  • Click on our class "Français 3/BI 3/4"