Algebra 1

Algebra 1

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Capital High School 2015-2016


Teacher:          Bryan Keister

               (the best way to reach me is by email)


Required Material for every day in class:


      • Scientific Calculator (TI 30XS Multiview is a good one sold in most stores for $15)
      • MVP Math  Curriculum (Provided by CHS)
      • 3-ring binder for math notes (Provided by CHS)
      • Graph paper (accepting donations!!)
      • Pencils and Colored Pencils
      • 1 box of red pens (accepting donations!!)


Welcome to Algebra 1:  It is important that you are in a classroom that provides a positive learning environment so that you will be able to achieve success. As in all classrooms, the general school rules and guidelines described in the student handbook are followed. It is my expectation that each student will…

  • Arrive to class each day on time with the required material
  • Be respectful of people and property
  • Take responsibility for your own actions (or inaction)
  • Participate fully in classroom activities
  • Pursue educational excellence as the key to your future


Grades:           Assessments:              80%

                         Assignments:               20%



Assessments:  Students will have weekly quizzes as well as two tests per unit.  The weekly quizzes will be based off of homework problems and cannot be retaken.  Students are allowed two test retakes per semester. 


Assignments:  There are two types of assignments that are crucial to student success.  Classwork will be done daily in student pairs.  Classwork is where students learn new material and a random selection of their classwork will be graded at the end of each unit.  Homework will be assigned regularly and will have a strict due date.  The assignments and due dates will be posted on my homepage.


Tutoring:  We have options available for students who need extra help.  Please email me for more information regarding specific needs.


This is their first assignment!  Please acquire the course material, sign, date and turn in to Mr. Keister


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