12th IB English

IB English Tests for Diploma or Certificate

Those students testing in English for either their Diploma or Certificate are evaluated both internally (by CHS English teachers) and externally (by an evaluator outside the United States). The percentage value of each examination to the total is noted. These Evaluations include:

1. (Internal) Oral Assessment: Spring 11th Grade. (15%)

2. (External) World Lit. 1 Paper:  Written in Winter 11th Grade, Revised in Winter 12th Grade. (10%) Due March 1st 2011

3. (External) World Lit. 2 Paper: Written in Fall/Winter 12th Grade. (10%) Due March 1st 2011

4. (Internal) Oral Assessment: Winter/Spring 12th Grade. (Commentary with teacher re: random passage selection. Passages will be selected from Hamlet or Portrait of an Artist or Langston Hughes Poetry.) (15%) Late Feb. 2011

5. (External) Timed Written Test: May 12th Grade. (A written commentary on a piece of poetry or a prose passage.) (25%) Here is an example of a commentary response to a poem.

6. (External) Timed Written Test: May 12th Grade. (Comparative Essay from works studied in the Spring.) These works would include House on Mango Street, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Handmaid's Tale, The House of the Spirits.(25%)

2010-11 Works to Study

  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: James Joyce
  • Poems by Langston Hughes
  • Hamlet: Shakespeare
    Click here for an example of a Final Paper.
  • Handmaid's Tale: Margaret Atwood
  • Copies of Assignments for 2011 can be found Here and Here.
  • The House of the Spirits: Isabel Allende Journal Assignment
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God: Zora Neale Hurston
  • Copies of the Assignments for 2011 can be found Here and Here
  • House on Mango Street: Sandra Cisneros
  • End of the Year Project: Click Here. And Click Here for an example of the Semester Final.
  • Film Focus in May:Click Here for an example of Film Study Projects.

Class Philosophy

  • Think: Consider your own ideas and the ideas of your classmates.
  • Explore: Your own preconceptions and the literature in a way that challenges your notions of reading in an English class.
  • Grow: As a member of an important community of learners. This is your last best chance to do so in K-12.