10th English

See Skyward for assignments. If the assignment includes notes or other details, they will be attached to the posting.


The best way to get information for Mr. Johnston’s 10th Grade English is to use the tool most of you are already familiar with, Skyward. Skyward is not just a tool to show grades. I post all assignments there along with detailed explanations and instructions of what the assignment is.

I also attach, when applicable, any handouts we use in class. Skyward will be your best one-stop shop for this class.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Log in to Skyward. You should have a separate account from your student. If you don’t know your Skyward account contact the front office at CHS 596-8000.
  2. Click on “Gradebook”
  3. Click on the Letter Grade for your student to get a list of all assignments and the score for each.
  4. To get a detailed set of instructions for any assignment click on the name of the assignment.
  5. To download any worksheets or handouts click on the "paperclip" icon that may be attached. You can print this downloaded handout from home if your student has missed the class, forgotten to bring the work home, or lost the assignment.