Student Assistance Program

Prevention Programs

The Olympia School District's Student Assistance Program is a comprehensive prevention and early intervention program targeted at reducing the risks of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among our youth and connecting families to services within our community.

We recognize that drug and alcohol use among youths is prevalent throughout the United States.Our goal is to assist students through alcohol, tobacco, and drug education by providing guidance to assist in making positive life choices and reducing at-risk behaviors.We want to assist students and families in need of individual and group counseling. We offer assistance with referrals for chemical dependency assessments. In addition, we wish to provide and help secure after care support.

Students and families in need of support for dependency and other family related issues may call our Counseling Center @ 596-8027 for further guidance. Mr. Duey Brawley is our Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. He is at Capital High School on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.