IB Chemistry

Instructor: Michael Jansen

School phone # in order to leave a messsage: 596-8236

School email mjansen@osd.wednet.edu

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Yes, it is time for school to begin.  This is for IB Chemistry 2015/2016.  Notice the element symbols below that need to be memorized.  Please pass the word and get a head start on the year.

Week #1 (9/7 - 9/11)


  • summer


  • summer


  • Hand out syllabus for class.  CLICK HERE for the syllabus.
  • Memorize the symbols for the first 38 elements.  In addition to these, learn elements 47-56, 74, 78-83, 86-88, 92, 94 as well. In  For instance, if I put Ca on a quiz, you write calcium.  If I put calcium, you write Ca.  There will be a quiz next week sometime.  Most likely Monday.
  • Investigating the Volume of a Drop.
    • Explore and design the lab.


  • Investigating the Volume of a Drop.
    • Perform and collect data for your lab.


  • PowerPoint Presentation- The Nuclear Atom
  • Element Quiz next week (Monday?)