IB Chemistry


Instructor: Michael Jansen

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School email mjansen@osd.wednet.edu

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Week #1 (9/5 - 9/9)


  • summer


  • summer


  • CLICK HERE for the syllabus.  It will not be handed out to you in class unless you cannot access it online.
  • Hand out IB Chemistry Overview
  • Hand out a periodic table
  • Memorize the symbols for the first 38 elements.  In addition to these, learn elements 47-56, 74, 78-83, 86-88, 92, 94 as well. For instance, if I put Ca on a quiz, you write calcium.  If I put calcium, you write Ca.  There will be a quiz Monday.
  • Investigating the Volume of a Drop.
  • Exploration


  • Investigating the Volume of a Drop.
            • Exploration
              • Here is what you need to have done by Wednesday.  Must be word processed.
                • Title
                • Background Information (enhances the understanding of the experiment, parenthetical cite, and bibliography)
                • Research Question
                • Hypothesis
                • Independent Variable
                • Dependent Variable
                • Controls
                • Materials
                • Procedure
                • Data Table (no data obvioulsy)
                  • Five different data points (this means you are going to collect date five times in order to look for a trend)
                    • Three trials for each data point


  • PowerPoint Presentation- Topic 2. The Nuclear Atom
  • Element Quiz Monday