Class PowerPoints

IB Topic 2 (Atomic Structure) and 3 (Periodicity)

Topic 2.1  The Nuclear Atom

Topic 2.2  Emission Spectra























Unit VIII Organic Chemistry Topic 10

Topic 10.1  Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

Topic 10.1 Fundamentals of Orgainc Chemistry (functional groups other than alkenes and alkynes)

Topic 10.2  Chemistry of Alkanes and Alkenes

Topic 10.2  Alcohols, Aldehydes, and Carboxylic Acids

Topic 10.2  Introduction to nucleophilic and electrophilic substitution reactions


Unit VII  Reduction-Oxidation Topic 9

Topic 9.1 Redox States and Balancing Equations

Topic 9.1 Activity Series

Topic 9.1 The Winkler Method and Volumetric Analysis


Unit VI  Equilibrium & Acids/Bases  Topic 7 & 8

 Topic 7  Equilibrium

Topic 7  Le Chatelier's Principle

Topic 8.1 Theories of Acids and Bases

Topic 8.2 Properties of Acids and Bases

Topic 8.3 The pH Scale

Topic 8.4 Strong/Weak Acids and Bases

Topic 8.5 Acid Deposition


Topic 5 (Energetics and Thermochemistry) and 6 (Chemical Kinetics)

Topic 5.1  Measuring Energy Changes

Topic 5 Hess's Law and Bond Enthalpies

Topic 5 The Ozone

Topic 6. Chemical Kinetics

Graphs for Topic 5 and 6


Topic 1.  Stochiometeric Relationships

Topic 1.2 The Mole Concept- Introduction to the Mole

Topic 1.2  The Mole Concept- Molar Mass

Topic 1.3  The Mole Concept- Molar Volume

Topic 1 Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Topic 1 Chemical Equations

Topic 1 Stoichiometry

Topic 1 Solution Concentration

Topic 1.1 Intro. to Matter


IB Topic 4. (Bonding)

Ionic Bonding.  Topic 4.1

Covalent Bonding.  Topic 4.2 and most of 4.3

Intermolecular Forces.  Topice 4.4

Metallic Bonding.  Topic 4.5

Covalent Network Solids.  Topic 4.3

Just a Review of Topic 4. Bonding Types and Properties.  No new material.

IB Topic 11 (does not include 11.3)

Topic 11.1 and11.2 (sort of) Measurement, Uncertainty, and Sig. Figs.


IB Topic 2 (Atomic Structure) and 3 (Periodicity)

Topic 2.1- The Nuclear Atom

Topic 2.2  Emission Spectra

Topic 2 and 3   Electron Configuration

Topic 2 and 3   Periodic Trends