9th English

Check here for homework assignments and near & future due dates.
Literature Circles
We will meet every Tuesday and Friday, with the exception of Veterans' day (see schedule below).
Due dates
For each meeting, you have a job to do.
Outside Reading
For fall semester, you are to read 3 novels outside of class. You will be assessed on your knowledge of the book in one of 2 ways:
BOOK TALK (first selection)
This is a 5-10 minute oral assessment, where the student is asked to...
  • summarize the plot
  • locate the part of the text where things got interesting (doesn't have to be where the rising action begins)
  • identify a passage chosen and read aloud by the teacher.  
DUE DATE:  November 26th, or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break. 
BOOK REVIEW (second selection)
This is a 3-5 paragraph document which they will publish online or on word processor. It will contain an appropriate mix of what happened in the story with what the reader's reactions were to the book. They will also rate the work using a star system.
 DUE DATE: Friday, December 19th, the Friday before winter break. 
CHOICE OF FIRST 2 OPTIONS (third selection)
My suggestion is to choose the one they scored higher on between the first two assessments. 
DUE DATE: January 19th, the last Monday of the semester. 
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