9th Fitness


Class Makeup Days:  Starting March 1st--Every Tuesday 7:15 am Fitness Portable  or Starting March 3rd every Thursday 2:45 pm Fitness Portable.  Dress down and meet at the appropriate spot.  For specific missed days (Fitnessgram testing) make arrangements with Mrs. Dominiak


Fitness Class Expectations  PE GUIDELINES (pdf)


Double check that review sheets are not on the RESOURCE page for 9th Fitness:

Review Sheets for Rules and Regulations


 Review Sheets


Extra Tennis review  more explaination on scoring, serving, tennis basics.  Click review sheets above for tennis review.


Extra Credit:  Make A Commitment (pdf) Three week requirment and will not except after April 30th.




COMPLETE (print) these three tests if you missed Wednesday, March 10--turn in:

Fitt testing:  What's Your Excuse      Examine Your Exercise History and Attitudes        The General Well Being