Choir Homework

Students are required to turn in a Completed and Signed Homework page one week prior to the end of each Semester.

The Homework Page is located in the front of the Choir Room.

Points:  100 per/semester.

Homework Examples:  Attending an outside concert (must be primarily vocal music) - attach program - 50 points

                                         Singing in a community or church choir - 25 points p/rehearsal - signed by director

                                         Private Voice Lessons - 25 points p/lesson - dated and signed by instructor

                                         Singing a solo or performance at school/church/community event - 50 points

                                         Performing tasks for Mrs. Dinsmore and the choirs (ie. robe organization, filing music, etc.) - 25 points

                                         Ushering at concerts, musicals, etc. - 25 points - dated and signed by director

                                         Participating in the school musical, either onstage or backstage - 50 points

                                         Performing at solo/ensemble contest as a soloist or in an ensemble - 50 points

                                         Participating in All-State or All-NW Choirs - 50 points