DM Mini Projects

                                                 Discrete Mathematics – Mini Project

Automobile Data

This mini project will require you to work in groups of three or four, gather data about the automobiles in a certain area, and analyze the information that you collected. The objective is for students to become familiar with the project criteria that will be required in the major project to be assigned in this class second semester.


I.  Determine a method to gather a random sample of 40 cars (from the student parking lot).

II. Collect data about each car that includes a) make, b) model, c) color, d) year (found in the rear taillight)

III.  Each group will create a report that reflects upon the data collected. The report will include the following:

       a. Introduction – explain the purpose of the project and the method used to gather the data

       b. Data Table – organize the data

       c. Graphs – create two graphic displays emphasizing an aspect of the data

       d. Conclusion – what did the data tell you about the cars in the parking lot, make at least one conclusion and support it with data

       e. Validity – discuss the validity of your method of data collection and  reflect upon the limitations or errors that may have affected your  results.


                            Automobile Project Scoring Rubric


Introduction (3 points)                                                                Introduction ____

       -purpose of project, description of method used

Information (6 points)                                                                 Information  ____

-    data table, two graphic displays

Conclusion (3 points)                                                                   Conclusion    ____

       -at least one conclusion based upon the data

Validity (2 points)                                                                             Validity       ____

       - Discuss validity of sampling method and data

Structure and Communication (6 points)                                  Stru/Comm   ____

       - project is well structured (organized), makes sense

       - correct terminology is used,

       - project is typed (- 2 points)

Total points possible ( 20 points)                                                  Total Score _____