LT2 - Ways to avoid hearing "You're Fired!"

Ways to avoid hearing “You’re Fired!”

So you just were hired to work at the Timberland Regional Library as a library page.  They have paid you for three days of training and now you are working there 12-15 hours a week. The job fits well into your schedule as you are also going to school.  You do not want to hear the words “You’re Fired”!


When the video pauses for discussion in each section, ponder and answer the following questions in a Google Doc.  Share with Mrs. Bonds when you are finished:


Section #1

1.  What can you do to improve your relationship with your supervisors (Mrs. Bonds and Mrs. Buckland)?


2.  What ethical rules can you set for yourself to ensure your success in a job setting as well as in your life. 


Section #2

1.  President Kennedy defined happiness as the pursuit of one’s talents along the lines of excellence.  Explain this quotation in terms of work ethic.


2.  Aside from being to work on time or even early (which is sooooo important!), how else can you present yourself as a reliable employee?


Section #3

1.  How can you avoid negativity at work?


2.  What can you do to improve your attitude?


3.  How can you ensure you treat others with kindness and respect?


Section #4 – Inappropriate behavior – don’t joke about other people, watch your language, follow the platinum rule “do unto others as they would want done to themselves.”  Enough said.



Section #5

  1. Can you give any reasons why the following would be okay to do on the job:
  • update your Facebook page
  • check your personal email
  • check sports scores or news updates
  • take personal phone calls or text  



2.  How many times do you think a person should be reprimanded before an employer should fire them for any of the above issues?  Justify your answer in a well structured paragraph below (topic sentence, details, concluding sentence).



3.  What’s your opinion on random drug testing in the work environment?



4.  What was the recommendation on deciding how to dress when compared to the appearance of those that are a step above you on the job?