LT2 - Research Project Intro and Proposal


Welcome to the research project for this class.  One purpose of this research project is to continue your familiarity with the resources in our library and the public library. So…  


  • Within the next few days, please make an effort to find out if there is a research project in one of your other classes that you’d benefit from having time in this class to work on.  It is totally okay with me for you to “double up” or “kill two birds with one stone”.  I’m more concerned with your process of research and that will become evident with the individual assignments within this project.  (Highly recommended for seniors who already have a Culminating Project in the works)


  • Or, think of something that you’ve always wanted to spend time learning about but have never had the opportunity or taken the time to do.  This option will work especially well if you make this into your Culminating Project. (Choose this option as a freshman, sophomore or junior in order to get a jump-start on this whole CP thing because you will have the physical stuff you need to satisfy four of the six components of the Culminating Project). 


THE ACTUAL ASSIGNMENTS – Read through all of these and plan out your schedule for the rest of the semester.  Assignments 3 & 4 should be worked on simultaneously.


Assignment #1 – The Proposal

See the end of this page  for the description and form to fill out.  Make sure it is free of spelling errors and grammatical errors, including contractions.   Share it via Google Docs with Mrs. Bonds.


Assignment #2 – The Big 6

            A step-by-step pathfinder to get the variety of sources you need.


Assignment #3 – The Annotated Bibliography

Using the sources you discover through The Big 6 assignment, you will need to create an annotation bibliography with 5 sources. You need to use MLA format and the easiest way to do this is with Noodletools. 


Assignment #4 – Power Point/Google/Prezi as Product and making the Presentation


            You will create a slide show presentation as the format to share the end result of your research for this class.  If you think you might use this as your real culminating project, you will have more freedom in your choice of formats, but you could possibly use this power point itself, so take time in creating it. 

  • Your presentation should last 12-15 minutes.
  • For this class, you need to have a minimum of 10 slides
  • Use the following format:
  1. Introduce yourself and the project.  Then briefly share why the project was chosen.     2-3 minutes
  2. Describe the major research and how you were able to acquire the knowledge you needed to create this presentation.            9-10 minutes
  3. Conclude with significant lessons learned or how you will use this knowledge in the future.      2-3 minutes


That’s it.  You can do it!  Find an interesting topic and get to work!  Again, the topic can be on just about anything (within reasonable limits that the Olympia School District could support in a court of law).  So try to make it as enjoyable as possible.  Good luck!   


Copy/Paste only the next section into a Google Doc, answer the questions and share with Mrs. Bonds by the due date given.


Capital High School Culminating Project

Project Proposal Form

Student Name_____________________________ Date______________________

Grade_______________ Student # _________________

CP Supervisor_________________________________ Start Date_______________

Field Expert (Optional)__________________________ Finish Date______________


This proposal will be word processed in a maximum of 2 pages using 12 point font that is not bold.  You must address each of the following points.  Be sure to label each section.  You will attach this sheet to your completed proposal.


1. Topic Selection (Description of the area of interest for your project, why you chose this area to focus on, your background in this are, why this project will be meaningful to your future.)


2. Project Description (Describe your project by addressing these questions:  What will you specifically be learning?  What new research will you need to do to accomplish your goals?  You will need multiple sources to demonstrate your learning such as field experts, web sites, books, films, interviews, observations, manuals, pamphlets, etc.)


3. What will your project end result be? (What will be the product of your research and learning? How will you present this product during the presentation?)


4. How much time (in hours) do you estimate you will spend on this project? (Break it down into how much for research, how much for documentation or journal-keeping, how much for the product completion, etc.  A minimum of 30 hours must be completed)


5. Resources and Estimated expenses (Identify possible expenses and how they will be covered.  Keep in mind the suggested spending limit. Identify any materials, equipment, and/or facilities needed to complete and present your project.)


Field expert (Optional)

Will you be using a field expert for this project?             YES             NO (Choose one)

If yes, have you made contact with potential field experts or do you have anyone in mind?  (Specify who, if possible)_____________________________________________





Student proposing the project plan: __________________________________________

Parent/Guardian: I support my child’s culminating project plan ___________________

Risk Manager (if needed): ___________________________ Date _________________

CP Supervisor: I have reviewed this plan and it DOES/DOES NOT (choose one) meet the criteria required for the Culminating Project as outlined in the handbook.

Signature ______________________________ Date_____________________________