LT2 - Outside Reading Assignment #1 - Banned Book of your choice

Library Tech II Outside Reading Assignment #1 - Banned book of your choice


Part 1 – Bubble Map


Mrs. Bonds will show you the end product Prezi presentation.  To get ready for the prezi, as you read your banned book(s) for this assignment, you need to create and keep adding to a bubble map.  The center bubble needs to be “ah-ha’s and other connections to life”.  When you run across ideas that you see connecting to your personal life, make note of what was happening in the book and why it connects.  Or if you just have an “ah-ha” type of response to something that was going on in the book, write that down. 

You also should write down quotations that support your ah-ha’s as well as quotations that just strike you for some reason.

In addition, note possibly controversial passages/issues and your comments about them.

Mrs. Bonds originally handed out this assignment on paper so you could see a small sample.  It is okay to use more than one page of notebook paper to do this.


Part 2 - Preszi Presentation

By week 7, or as soon as you finish the book, turn in your bubble map so you can get it checked off.  Then use your reading days to work on your Prezi.  It is due by week 9, April _________.