LT2 - Fast Times at Capital High

Fast Times at Capital High



Please go to the Proquest database and search for a New York Times article titled “Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction” by Matt Richtel. 


Read the article.  In your eyes, what quotation best represents the message of this article?  Write it here:






Keep that in mind as you open a new tab and find the Youtube video version of this story at titled Fast times at Woodside High. Watch this as well.  Two questions to consider as you watch.  Feel free to jot down thoughts, pausing the video when necessary, as you watch.  You should have something as an answer for #1, #2 & #3 by the end of the video:


1.  Do you believe our brains are being trained or “wired” differently now with the technology we are using?  And is this good or bad? 


2.  Is there value in “working steadily toward a goal” and in the concept of “moderation”?  Will those ideas be compromised because of our new technologies?


Then, Matt Richtel says that schools need to “…find a balance between the thrill of immediate gratification and the rigor and discipline of traditional education.” 

3.  What’s your advice to teachers?  How can they do this?  Should they do this?       


Task 2: Fast Times at Capital High


You should have received an Edmodo post titled “Fast times at Capital High”.  Create a post in which you integrate the quotation from the article on Proquest as well as your answers to the three questions posed in the assignment online.  I would strongly suggest you write a draft of your post first and then copy/paste it into Edmodo when you are finished.  I would think this could easily be 10 – 12 sentences or more, maybe divided into 2 or 3 paragraphs.  Remember, paragraphs need to have topic sentences, 2 – details to support the topic, and a concluding or transitional sentence.