LT2 - Copyright for Students

Library Tech II– 2nd Semester

Copyright for Students – Your Assignment

You’ve taken a look at issues regarding plagiarism.  Hand-in-hand with plagiarism are the laws about copyright. 


Task #1 -

Please go to

This is designed for elementary students, but it serves as an easy way to get acquainted with the concepts behind copyright laws.  Click on/make your way through each student. 

Don’t hurry!  Read and think about the purpose of copyright laws.

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?



Task #2 -

Go to

A bit of this information will review or repeat from the first web page. 

There are four steps to complete here.  Again, don’t hurry and think about the purpose of copyright laws.  

            1st – Read “What is copyright?”

            2nd – Read the “Definitions”

            3rd – Read the “Copyright FAQ’s”

            4th – Take the “Copyright Challenge” 

At the end of this quiz come get Mrs. Bonds so she can see that you attained your certificate.


Task #3 –

Respond to the following prompt with a paragraph that begins with a topic sentence stating your opinion, has at least two specific reasons that support your opinion, and closes effectively with a concluding sentence.


Prompt: Do you believe that the copyright laws limit or protect an individual’s ability to express their own opinions?