LT2 - Collection Development Part 1&2

Collection Development and Budgeting for a Library

You are going to use a Google Spreadsheet to create a list of supplies and books for our library to purchase.

Here is a template of the spreadsheet.  Next, you need to MAKE A COPY OF IT AND RENAME THE COPY WITH YOUR NAME.  You can then enter data as you find it into the spreadsheet.

Part 1 

Here’s a list of the types of supplies we purchase at least once a year.  Obviously, there are more items, such as permanent marking pens, Kleenex, paint, poster board, toner, paper, paper, and more paper on an as needed basis, but this will give you a small sense of some costs:  

Supplies you need to find and enter prices into your spreadsheet from the Demco Catalog you can find online or use :


Demco Durafold Book Jacket Covers, no paper backing, 12” H, 1.5 ML – 1 roll 


Scotch 845 Book Tape, 4 “ x 15 yds  -  4 rolls


Demco Color Coded Paper Tape, 1" wide , 1 " core – 4 rolls


Demco Coated Paper Spine labels, 1” x 1 ½ “, - 1 pkg.


3M Tattle-tape B2 Strips, - 1 box of 100


Crayola Colored Pencils, Standard 24/pkg - 6 pkgs


Scotch Transparent Tape - 12 rolls


Glue sticks, cheapest ones – 60 of them


Index cards, 3 x 5 – 6 packs


CD & B - Part 2

Now you need to create a collection development purchasing list of the following using a website called Titlewave.  Mrs. Bonds will have to log you in every time and will show you how to use it. 

Non-fiction:  Using the Advance Search, develop a list of titles you’d purchase for next year which have:

  • a copyright date within the last four years and
  • have been positively reviewed by at least one credible source.   Possible sources include School Library Journal, Teacher-Librarian, Booklist, Horn Book, Kirkus Reviews, Librarian Media Connection, Publisher’s Weekly, VOYA, Wilson’s Senior High School, and The New York Times.  Any others need to be approved by Mrs. Bonds. 

Next to each Dewey number are additional requirements. 

000 – find 2 – anything that interests you

100 – 1 – anything that interests you

200 – 2 - anything that interests you

300 – 6 – any social issues you’ve studied in high school

400 – 1 – anything new

500 – 4 – any science topic that you’ve studied in high school

600 – 4 - 2 health related, 2 with a Dewey # 650 or higher

700 – 6 – arts, music, sports

800 – 5 – short story collections, essays, poetry or the craft thereof (how to write them)

900 – 5 – historical events, country analysis, or biography

Your non-fiction total should be $1000.00 or less


Fiction:  develop a list of titles that have a copyright date within the last two years and have been positively reviewed by at least one source for each of the following genres.   The average price of fiction hard cover is $17.99. You may use a paperback or other copy to get more bang for your buck.  

Graphic Novels

Science Fiction



Realistic Fiction – this category is HUGE.  Divide evenly

between “Chick Lit” and “Boy Books”

Historical Fiction

Fictional Verse

Your fiction total should be at least $1000.00 or more to total $2000.00 between both non-fiction and fiction.


Share your template with when you are finished.