LT1 - YALSA Awareness

Library Tech YALSA Awareness Assignment


  1. Using a search engine, please find out what the acronym YALSA stands for and who the larger group is that oversees YALSA?



    1. Go to  Please describe each of the following book awards:
      • Alex Awards –





      • Margaret A. Edwards Award –





      • Michael L. Printz Award –





      • William C. Morris Award -





      • Odyssey Award –







      1. Please pick one book from one of these award lists or from any of the other lists off of the YALSA page to be your book to read for the 1st 1/2 of the semester.  Take your time making your selection.  Find one that looks GREAT to you.  There are for too many good books to be stuck with something you don’t like. 


      You will be given one day per week to read in class, though you may have more days as you finish assignments.  The due date for the “book report” is ______________.