LT1 - Searching the Internet DVD


Searching the Internet

Research Skills for Students

 Please get online with a laptop before you begin the DVD.  Later questions will ask you to stop the DVD and try out what you’re learning.  Also, you’ll need to stop the DVD frequently to answer the questions.  Read these questions before you start to help you look/listen for answers as you go.  Take your time. 


Section #1 – For SuRE


1.  What does the acronym For SuRE stand for?











Section #2- Search Engines



1.  What is a sponsored result?


2.  What is a query?


3.  Should you use synonyms as a strategy in your search? Why or why not?


4.  What are Boolean Operators?


Pause the DVD.  Please go to

Read through the information about the three most common Boolean operators.  Please give me an example of each one that is not used by this page. 

Ex. Mexico NOT New Mexico


5.  Continue the DVD.  Why would you want to use quotation marks when you type a phrase into a search engine?



6.  Pause the DVD and let’s go try an advanced search in a search engine.  You probably always use Google.  Instead, try  Click on Advanced Search, and in the “this exact phrase box” , type in “Capital High School”.  In the “and none of these words” box, type in “ Olympia, Washington”.   

Name three other cities & states that have a CHS:





Section #3 – Meta Search Engines

  1. What is a meta search engine?



Section #4 - Subject Directories and Portals

1.  What is a subject directory? 



2.   After the DVD talks about portals, please go to .  Read about the difference between a web portal and a search engine.  Then explain it in your own words here:








Section #5 – Databases


1.  How would you describe what a database is to a friend?


2.  Is our library catalog a database?