LT1 - Library Marketing Display

Library Marketing Display

 Like any marketing display at a department store or grocery store, a library display should both showcase what the library has to offer and help get the books/services used by students.  Your task is to create a display with these principles and with the following design elements in mind: 
         Line                  Color                  Shape                  Direction            

Texture         Proportion         Balance        

Motion (if applicable)         Lighting (if applicable)

 Please read sections 18.1 & 18.2 in the Marketing Essentials textbook.

 Often our library displays are based on a national awareness topic of the month, such as April being Poetry Month.  But we also usually begin the school year with a banned books display.  Past display ideas have been dragons, girl power, extreme sports, cars, what ever you want provided we have at least 20  books/magazines/newspapers that relate to the theme.   




Points Possible


Points Earned

Topic selection – interesting for high school students (not just yourself), uses library books, magazines, and/or newspapers




Consistent Theme- Theme is same in both display cases.  Theme is the same though different types of items are displayed




Nine Visual Elements Achieved (see above)   




Overall Creativity and Ingenuity – Ability to create the display independently, uses props