LT1 - Job Search

Library Tech I

Job Search


So what kind of jobs are out there for people who want to work in a library today?  You will conduct a search for jobs in a library.  But remember that we aren’t just talking about jobs in a school or public library.  There are libraries in law offices, in movie companies, in Disneyland….


Please search the following webpages for library jobs:


The American Library Association at

            For a public library job, go to the quick search box, select Washington and

            list four different types of library job titles available as well as their salary range:










The ALA lists more traditional librarian jobs.  But what would be non-traditional? 

Now go to  Narrow your search to library and Washington state.  Find a job that is not in a public library or at a college/university.





Finally, to be more realistic, go to the Timberland Regional Library Page from our link on the CHS library page.  Find their link for “Employment” at the bottom of the home page.  Then click "Job Descriptions" on the left hand side.  Look at all the different types of job in this library system.  Betcha didn't know that!    Print the job information about the duties/responsibilities of a library page, which is an entry level job you could apply for after taking this class.  


Use what you have printed to write a cover letter for your resume as if you are going to apply for the job.  Ask Mrs. Bonds for the sample cover letter and resume packet.