LT1 - Career Cruising

Career Cruising for Capital High School Library Tech Students

(you might need this stuff for advisory too!)


Go to


Username is: capitalhs

Password is: olympia


Student login:  Chs-lastnamefirstinitial

For example: Chs-bondsk


Password: your 7 digit student #

For example:  1234567


Click on the Assessments button across the top.


The Learning Styles Inventory should have been completed your freshman year.  The Career Matchmaker is a sophomore year activity. 


If you are a sophomore, please proceed to the My Skills inventory.  Then go to your career matchaker results from this year and drop down to “What to type on your Google Doc”.  


If you are a junior or senior, please re-take the Career Matchmaker inventory.  You’ll probably find that your results different than what you received your sophomore year.  Do at least 2 of the 3 sections.



Fill in the blanks after the bolded items on your Google Doc.  Use the buttons on the sides to find answers:


Career of your choice:


Working Conditions – what’s one thing that you didn’t realize or that confirms something you’ve heard about this type of a job:


Earnings – what’s the range from entry level to experienced:


Education- what are the educational requirements for you to get an entry level job?



Now click on the Schools button at the top. 

Click on Search for Programs

Click on the Program that interests you.

Find a college.  You’ll need to go to the school’s webpage



Name of the college/university:


Are classes schedules in quarters or semesters?


How much is tuition for one year at this school?


How much is room and board (living and eating on campus)?