LT1 - Animoto

Ani-what?  Ani-who? Animoto!

Animoto is a website that allows you to “turn your photos, video clips and music into video masterpieces to share with everyone.”  It’s super easy to use and I bet once you make a video, you’ll come back to it for other classes that give you “creative options” in curricular presentations.

Day 1 - Please go to  This is an online whiteboard.  Type in, draw or upload pic of 25 items that represent you.  Then, circle the 12 most important items in a color of your choice that you could take a picture of that represent you?  For example, your family?  Your pet?  Your friends?  Your favorite food?  TV show?  Book?  Starbuck’s drink? 

While it says that you can download it to your computer, I want you to create a screen shot of the screen and drag/insert it back into your this document.  So to take a screen shot of just the whiteboard on a Mac, click "command, shift and 4" all at the same time. (If you're doing this at home on a PC, just google how to do it).  This will give you a little circle with a cross in it in the upper left side of your screen.  Hold your click as you drag over the area that you want.  Let go and it takes a picture of the area and saves it as a .jpg on your desktop.  Now drag the pic off your desktop and into this google doc below.  Resize as needed. 




We are going to only use still images for this assignment.  In the next two days, I need you to take these 12 pictures.  Do you need a digital camera to do this?  Just ask. 

Day 3 – uploading your pics to Flickr. 

Flickr is a place to store photos for free.  You’ll need to go open an account at .com if you don’t already have one.

Next, go to  Find the “Free – get started” button or link. You want the Free- try now account.  Now you will create an account on Animoto.

Once you have an account, find the “Create video” button.  Pick a style (one that’s free) from their backgrounds. 

Then it will ask you if you want to spend $5.00 a month to make a longer video, but below that should be a link to “make a 30 second video for free”.  Click this link.

Next, you’re going to Retrieve your Pics from another website.  Then click on Flickr.  Read the directions, then hit “continue”, then “Ok, I’ll authorize”, then “Retrieve”.

The images are now uploaded to Animoto.  If you hover over the images, a hand appears and you can move them into the order that make the most sense for you.  After you move them around, please create a master list of shots below, give them each a title and explain why they are in the order they are.  For example

“#1 – My mom – She’s #1 because she’s the most inspirational person to me.”  (As a mom, I get to give myself props.  Whoop, whoop!)


#1 –

#2 –

#3 –

#4 –

#5 –

#6 –

#7 –

#8 –

#9 –

#10 –

#11 –

#12 –


Use the effects buttons along the bottom as needed.  Play with all of them, but create a video that is uniform.  In other words, don’t have each pic do something different.  Use the same font throughout.  Make sure you can CLEARLY read the font if you are going to use it. 


Add music by clicking on the Music side tab to the left of the pics.  For this assignment, either use something from their files of music or go back to Freegal!  Then just keep the pacing where they have it and continue. 


It will jump to the finalizing tab.  Give it a title, etc. and create the video!  You can wait patiently for 3 – 4 minutes or it will email you with a link when it is done.  It will be stored on your animoto account as well. A rubric for grading is at the bottom of this document, but answer these questions first:

Why did you choose the music that you did?

What is an assignment in another class that you’ve done where this would have been a cool, simple way to demonstrate your knowledge to your teacher/class? 

Would you be willing to pay the $5.00 for an upgrade to make a longer video?

Where else might using an online whiteboard be useful?

Where else could you use the ability to take a screen shot of your screen?



Tell Mrs. Bonds you are done with this Google doc and show her your Animoto video!


Little Animoto Video – Little Animoto Rubric


1.  9 of the 12 pics are all your own and loaded into Animoto


1                                                2                                                3


Nope but you tried               More than 3 not yours           At least 9 are your own pics


2.  Video is produced with music.  Any effects are uniform throughout and not annoying.


1                                                2                                                3


Nope but you tried              Music/effects are there           Music/effects are uniform and enhance the product as a whole  


3.  Google doc has brainstorm of 25 items, further explanation of 12 items, and end questions are complete.


0                                               1                                                2


No                                          Half                                            Yes


Score is multiplied by 3, plus 1 pt to make it easy!  Total score = ___________ out of 25.